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'Marvel's Ant-Man' Premiere in Hollywood at The ...
23 Images | 1 Jul 2015
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26 - 28 Jun 2015
#1 Terminator: Genisys
#2 Minions
#3 Jurassic World
#4 Poltergeist
#5 Twenty
26 - 28 Jun 2015
#1 Gone Girl
#2 Into The Woods
#3 Taken 3
#4 Interstellar
#5 Night At The Museum 3: Secret Of The Tomb
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Far From The Madding Crowd 
Opens 02 Jul 2015

In Far From The Madding Crowd, Carey Mulligan plays the role of Bathsheba, a free-spirited, young woman who believes ...   (more)

Crayon Shinchan My Moving Story ~Cactus Attack!~
03 Jul 2015
To Be Advised
Assassination Classroom
02 Jul 2015
Dark Places
02 Jul 2015
Ms J Contemplates Her Choice
02 Jul 2015
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Ju On 4: The Final Curse
09 Jul 2015
To Be Advised
Hollywood Adventures
09 Jul 2015
To Be Advised
09 Jul 2015
Burying The Ex
09 Jul 2015
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The other Side of Steve Jobs in New 'Steve Jobs' Trailer
While we know Jobs as the genius Apple founder, this trailer gives us a look at his autocratic leadership to bring ...
Girlfriends Night Out with a Special Screening of 'Magic Mike XXL'!
It's a night for the Queens, so gather all your girlfriends for a special preview screening of Magic Mike XXL!
First Look at the New 'Ghostbusters' Costumes!
Paul Feig’s highly-anticipated Ghostbusters reboot also stars Chris Hemsworth and is set to release in mid-2016!
Lim Kay Tong Shares his Process of Playing Lee Kuan Yew.
“He is Mr Lee Kuan Yew, so you better get something right.”
Catch the Special Screening of 'Ms J Contemplates Her Choice' with Xiang Yun, Bobby Tonelli and director Jason Lai!
Veteran singer Kit Chan takes on her first leading role as a radio personality whose life changes irrevocably when an anonymous ...
New 'Hitman: Agent 47' Trailer has Arrived!
More fights and erm.. taxis in new trailer for Hitman: Agent 47!
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4 New Reviews
4 New Reviews
Assassination Classroom
Reviewed by Thompson Wong

Poor homeroom teacher, you think, as Assassination Classroom opens to a scene with ordinary Japanese students armed with machine guns and pistols firing deadly pellets at their sensei. Everyone who's ever been a student knows all about the idyllic ... more »

Ms J Contemplates Her Choice
Reviewed by Jason Lin

Many will agree that in a modern fast-paced society, opportunities are often golden tickets to certain progress and success. Opportunities are very much appreciated by those with limited choices. Those who enjoy far too many choices in life often make decisions ... more »

SPL 2 – A Time For Consequences
Reviewed by Swee Leong

SPL 2: A Time For Consequences is directed by Cheang Pou-soi, and produced by Paco Wong and Wilson Yip (who was the director of SPL: Kill Zone, released in 2005). A sequel only in name and spirit, ... more »

Ted 2
Reviewed by Jason Lin

While sequels are often stressed to deliver not only what works best in the original but also something new, it is really hard to deny the appeal of well-received characters and chemistry. Along with the signature brand of humour by Seth ... more »

Kingsman: The Secret Service
Reviewed by floraiyeo

Directed by Matthew Vaughn (X-Men: First Class), this spy movie is pretty much one of the best spy movies we've seen for a long while. In a nutshell, think of it as a Bond movie but with more gruesome action, ... more »

Disney's Into The Woods
Reviewed by floraiyeo

One of the most classic musical pieces finally gets a big screen adaptation. While there are a handful that didn't think Into The Woods was spectacular for it 'sings too much', but fans of musicals would know that the ... more »

Reviewed by floraiyeo

The Academy Award winning actress, Reese Witherspoon proves why she is one of the most prolific actress in Hollywood with this film - Wild. The film is based on a true story of Cheryl Strayed who went on a ... more »

Gone Girl
Reviewed by floraiyeo
Gone Girl is probably one of the better psychotic thrillers in recent years. Though this film had major snubs at the Academy Awards, it received rave reviews for its plot, intensity and thrill. Critics loved it, audience adored it ... more »
4 Jul
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First Look at the New 'Ghostbusters' Costumes!... more »
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