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InCinemas: Sunsilk Academy Fantasia Update! Blog #4 (30 July 2012)
Posted by: Jia Yi on Monday, July 30, 2012
[Sunsilk Academy Fantasia Top 10 Meet-and-Greet @ Central Mall]
Yesterday's Sunsilk Academy Fantasia top 10 Meet-and-Greet session left me feeling bitter and stunned.. Yes, the moment of weakness when you finally get to see your love ones after being cooped up for 3 long weeks in the Academy with limited access to the outside world, is all to be expected. But witnessing that heart-wrenching moment?

I guess not only can we learn the singing tips and transformations of an all-rounded Star from Sunsilk Academy Fantasia, there is also the value of kinship that transcend through this reality show on Starhub. The key is to cherish the people close to you.

That early afternoon, the top 10 finalists were revealed at Central Mall, the official sponsor for Sunsilk Academy Fantasia. Just hours earlier, they went through the most intense moment of the show - the Elimination round - for the third time. Leaving the Academy are #11 Phil and #3 Natalie. Both came as a surprise, especially for Natalie, with reference to what the judges commented on their performance at the weekly concert #3.

There's a second repeat of the weekly concert #3 tomorrow, Tuesday at 3:00pm on E City (Starhub TV Channel 111/825). You can also share with me your thoughts on Phil and Natalie leaving the Academy in the comments below!

[Image - From Left: #11 Phil, #3 Natalie]

This just goes to show how important it is to get the audience's support. Not only must they like you, you must also be able to convince them to put their likes to action, through SMS voting.

The 10 finalists were excited to see the faces of their love ones during the event. Many were unable to control their excitement and started directing their attention to their family and friends in the midst of the recordings. That's understandable.

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They performed the theme song performance on stage and had a 'Q&A' interaction with the crowd at Central Mall. Each of the finalists has a question prepared by Starhub and each question is set specifically for them. Therefore, we have different questions though there are some very generic like "What is my assigned number?" and "What is my age".

One of the few interesting questions would be Vee's, requiring the audience to guess the person Vee likes to imitate the most in the Academy. And the correct answer is #13 Guang Li, and the both demonstrated the chorus of Ah Du's Tian Hei.

While waiting for their turns to pose the questions to the floor, the contestants made use of their little freedom to communicate with their family and supporters through hands and mouth signals. #14 ET was pretty overwhelmed by the 'reunion' that he teared up before his turn.

And his question for the audience came as a surprise. It goes: Give a reason why the audience should support ET. The contestants have the freedom to choose who to answer and those who got it correct would receive a goodie bag from Sunsilk Academy Fantasia. So ET pointed out to his father from afar, to which his dad shouted out, "Because you are my son!"

These words must had reverberated several times, I thought.. At this point, ET literally broke down, to the extent that he had to go backstage to calm himself down. It was an emotional moment for all contestants and I found myself unable to 'capture' this moment with my camera..

Irwin was the other who tried controlling himself when he saw his dad near the stage. I had the feeling that his eyes were on his dad all these while. Sigh.. Poor contestants of the Games.. But I'm sure it's all worthwhile! The lessons they could take away from the Academy are bound to be memorable and useful for them!

Lala 徐佳瑩 who had visited the set as a guest last Friday was pretty alarmed by the program set up. She finds it admirable that the contestants are pursuing their dreams with their more personal self involved. "That is very generous of them to share their lives with the rest of the people." Lala added. She believes that this competition will harden their ability to take stress and make them a brighter star.

At Central Mall, the contestants were given a short period of time to take photos with their family and friends using the provided camera, within the stage premises. However, it went slightly out of control with some of the contestants going down the side of stage to hug and speak to their love ones.

Gaining partial freedom for about 10 minutes or so, the contestants returned back on stage with a lot more confidence, as though fully charged for a 42km marathon! Some came back with tears in their eyes, notably Irwin, while others came back with a lot more! Jessie is one great example! Haha..

Last but not least, they reiterated their voting numbers and implored the audience to vote for them. Now remember to vote for the ones you wish to see through the competition!

Tune in to Sunsilk Academy Fantasia - Starhub Channel 110 and follow @AcademySG for more updates!

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