Judgment Day
Opens 18 April 2013
Some Mature Content
Genre Comedy, Drama, Family
Duration 103 mins
LanguageMandarin with English & Chinese Subtitles
Director Ong Kuo Sin 王國燊
Cast Mark Lee 李国煌, Henry Thia 程旭辉, Chua En Lai 蔡恩来, Rebecca Lim 林慧玲, Guo Liang 郭亮, Edwin Goh 吴劲威, Julie Tan 陈欣淇, Sebestian Tan 陈瑞彪, Tender Huang 黄腾浩, Alice Ko 柯佳嬿,
The Story
'Judgement Day' centers around several characters, from all works of life, as they decide to share their deepest secrets when it is believed that doomsday will happen in 72 hours. A corrupted cop confesses to his subordinate that he had accepted a bribe before. A married man tells his family his greatest wish is to become a woman. A wife reveals to her husband that she is actually secretly in love with her superior at work. A distraught young lady decides to run away from Singapore and heads for Cambodia, in the process; she breaks up with her finance.

But miraculously, everyone survives judgement day. While the whole world rejoices; for those who made irreversible decisions, it is the end of their previous world…
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By Flora
18 Apr 2013
Out from your local slapstick comedy movie, Judgment day tackles more on the plot of apocalypse with small stories of different groups people who survived the 'end of the world' day.

Nothing similar to movies like 2012 or The Day After Tomorrow, instead, think New Year's Eve-type of movie where you see many actors in a film, split into small stories of their own. In it, some of them cross path with one another, linking these segmented stories into one.

Four stories of different people from all walks of life face problems and consequences anyone can relate to. With story one where Jian Guo (Tender Huang) forgives his girlfriend, Shu Zhen (Alice Ko) when she told him about her love for another man. To seek revenge, he visits a prostitute, Xiao Lu (Julie Tan) just before the world supposedly ended.

We see another story of Liu Fu An (Henry Thia) who undergoes a sex change operation but indirectly ruined the family's relationship thereafter. Also, story three shows a well-to-do couple Richard (Chua Enlai) and Rebecca (Rebecca Lim) as they seek love and life's direction in Cambodia where one wanted to 'die' as a couple and the other wanted to check if a well still contained water. The last main story depicts a corrupted cop who took bribery money a few years back, finds himself running away from his colleagues.

Expect some comedic moments, especially with a cast known for their comedic roles like Henry Thia, Chua Enlai and Sebastian Tan. It was a breakthrough role for Thia with his memorable expressions and the truthful emotions he portrayed. Viewers goes on a journey with Thia, from laughing at him, giggling with him and lastly, weeping for him.

The audio and music used in this film were one of the best I've heard and seen from our local productions. There were some long shots used that were commendable and pleasing to the eye. Good camera directions as a whole and I loved how the music accentuated the emotions and mood of the movie.

While I applaud the effort and thought of this movie, something fresh and different coming out from our local cinemas, it somewhat didn't manage to impress. The four main stories were told adequately but each story by itself lacked in the development of content and characters. Perhaps juggling with so many stories were hard to portray an in-depth plot for each, but I believe as a viewer, you hope movies like this will answer your questions before you exit the cinema.

In addition, the climax of the stories was confusing, leaving audiences thinking that it's the 'turning point', but when the meteorite ended with a whimper, which was too early in the story, it felt empty and bizzare. It continues on, adding question marks in your head as you start rethinking and absorbing each story as it goes on. I was really anticipated the story of Richard and Rebecca as it added some flavour into the story, like 'adding chilli in your fried rice', but felt the 'happy ending' of their story was told rather haphazardly.

Judgment Day is one I would urge Singaporeans to watch but don't expect much of the local jokes and flavour that one expects to have. Apart from the excessive Hokkien used, it's a film that one should be and will be able to relate to.
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31 Aug
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