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Issue #34 - Friday, 27 April 2012  
Starhub's Sunsilk Academy Fantasia is the next Hunger Games?
Cameras! Lights! And continuous action! Starhub launches a new concept reality singing competition that you can sing your way to superstardom. Psst... you have to be 'live' on camera for 18 hours a day! Auditions on 19 & 20 May!

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Friday, 27 April, 2012 | Complete News Archive
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The Raven
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House Of Pleasures
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Fabulous 30
Marvel's The Avengers (3D)
21 Jump Street
Being Flynn
Love In The Buff
  InC : Movie Reviews
The Raven  By Wilson Ng
Edgar Allan Poe's mysterious death at age 40 is wildly spun into this grisly detective tale that has moments of shocking gore and nail-biting suspense, resulting in an uneasy and moody film fit for Poe's titular poem, 'The Raven'. John Cusack (Being John Malkovich) - spotting heavy eye... (more)
House Of Pleasures  By Jason Lin
On the contrary to the title, pleasure seems to remain superficial and allows torture and pain to settle in and engulf its audience. While Bertrand Bonello's film (that was nominated for last year's Palme d'Or at Cannes) is titled House of Pleasures over here (instead of the original... (more)
P.O.V  By Tan Ivan
Japanese horror movies have a legacy to spook and scare in equal measure. When Norio Tsuruta, a Japanese horror master decides to do something different, we get P.O.V (Point of View). The title seems self-explanatory and hints at being a meta-film. Shot largely using hand held cameras and... (more)
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  Movie Box Office
1) Battleship
2) The Lucky One
3) The Cabin In The Woods
4) Titanic 3D
5) Mirror Mirror
Weekend : 20 Apr - 22 Apr 2012
  DVD Box Office
1) Johnny English Reborn
2) Contagion
3) Cowboys & Aliens
4) Tower Heist
5) Midnight In Paris
Weekend : 20 Apr - 22 Apr 2012
House Of Pleasures
(Closing Date: 29 April 2012)
(Closing Date: 2 May 2012)
Assemble The Avengers Contest
(Closing Date: 3 May 2012)
My Girlfriend Can See Ghosts
(Closing Date: 6 May 2012)
The Raid: Redemption
(Closing Date: 9 May 2012)
Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows DVDs Giveaway
(Closing Date: 10 May 2012)
Jack And Jill Blu-Ray Discs Giveaway
(Closing Date: 15 May 2012)
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