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Funan (2018)
In 1975 in Phnom Penh, Chou leads an enchanted life until one morning when the Khmer Rouge madness plunges Cambodia into horror. The population is deported to camps and Chou’s confronted to the pain of powerlessness. When her 4-year-old son is ...
GV Funan - Singapore’s Newest Cineplex is literally in town! GV Funan opens today on 28 June 2019, in conjunction with the opening of the newly revamped Funan Shopping Centre, now known as Funan Mall. Given the frequency at which new cineplexes spring ...
Film still from 'Funan' Set in 1975, Cambodian-French animation film 'Funan' tells the story of Chou, a woman who leads a peaceful life in Phnom Penh until the entire country is engulfed in the horrors of the Khmer Rouge, ran by the ...

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