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The 25 th Hong Kong Film Critic Society Awards: Best Screenplay, Best Actor  
第38届香港电影金像奖8 项提名包括最佳电影,最佳导演,最佳男主角,
The 38th Hong Kong Film Awards:Nominated for 8 Awards including Best Film,
Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress
A paralysed and hopeless divorcé, Cheong-wing is in need of a caretaker. ...
Film still from 'A Dog's Life' Tickets for the 7th Singapore Chinese Film Festival are on sale! But with over 50 films, it can be a little overwhelming and difficult to choose which film to watch. So if you're struggling to decide, allow ...
The Singapore Chinese Film Festival (SCFF) is back for its 7th edition. The festival will screen over 60 films from the region. More than 20 filmmakers will attend post-screening Q&A sessions or panel talks. Amongst them is Ms Oliver Chan, director of the festival's ...
'Still Human' may be only Hong Kong director Oliver Chan Siu Kuen's debut film, but it has swept three big awards at the recent Hong Kong Film Awards - Best Actor, Best New Performer, and Best New Director. Starring veteran Hong Kong ...

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