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Be the first in Singapore to catch Ajin: Demi-Human

By Edric  /  28 Sep 2017 (Thursday)

Encore Films is organizing a special preview of AJIN for fans on Saturday 7 October, 4 PM at GV Vivocity.

Be the first in Singapore to watch the exciting live-action AJIN: Dem-HUMAN movie and take home a limited-edition PU leather A6 notebook and movie poster! Fans are also welcome at the screening in Cosplay!

Date: Saturday, 7 October
Time: Movie starts @ 4 PM
Venue: GV Vivocity
Price: $30 per ticket, incl. a limited edition AJIN: DEMI-HUMAN notebook & movie poster.
Sales link: https://www.gv.com.sg/GVMovieDetails#/movie/0377?isQbuy

The destiny of trainee doctor Kei Nagai changed one day after a fatal accident. Moments after he was killed on the road, Kei suddenly came back to life on the spot, leading to the shocking discovery that he is an Ajin, a race of demi-humans who cannot be killed. Because of that, Kei is pursued throughout the country and eventually captured by the government. He is then held captive at a mysterious research facility, where he is subjected to inhumane experiments. There he encounters another Ajin named Sato, who helps him. Kei soon finds out that Sato is a vengeful terrorist feared amongst both humans and Ajins, and has been plotting to overthrow the government at any cost. Though he is an Ajin, Kei rejects Sato’s extremist ideals and vicious methods, and wishes to be no part of their conflict. However, as Sato begins his shocking bid for power, Kei realises he must join the fight to end his violent campaign. What will be the outcome of a battle between these two demi-humans who can never die? 
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