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Opening Date
01 Jun 2017
R21 Violence and Gore
103 mins
English with no subtitles
History, Horror, Thriller
Rob Zombie
Malcolm McDowell, Richard Brake, Jeff Daniel Phillips
On the eve of Halloween, five men and women working at the carnival are kidnapped and confined in huge ruins. The doors and windows are all closed, they have no runway. No, there was one way they left behind, the way to win the crazy game called “31”. The mission was to survive 12 hours from the raging madmen.

The Devils, a three-person group wearing a crazy costume named Father Murder, Sister Serpent, Sister Dragon. These three people control all of “31”. The captured five people turned into human parts of the most dangerous game. It will be forced to live for 12 hours, battle with bars, knives and merichensac. The opponent is The Heads… a madman group of murderers who made a clown look. The monsters run around the facility, those who are found are attacked without mercy, a 12-hour hell starts. The Devils are enjoying betting while watching the way their pieces escape. Each time a piece is killed, the wager rises and the game shows excitement.

There is no rule in this game.
By Freddy  01 Jun 2017
‘31’ is an adrenaline-fueled gore-fest horror with killer clowns and unlikable protagonists.
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The plot for Rob Zombie-directed ‘31’ is as simple as it sounds. On Halloween in 1976, five carnies were captured to play in a game called ‘31’ in which they had to survive for 12 hours. They have to survive against some Nazi-themed killer clowns: Sick-Head, Psycho-Head, Schizo-Head, Death-Head, Sex-Head, and finally Doom-Head. Predictably, the five managed to kill some of these crazy murderers although some of them died along the way. The last survivor is obviously Charly, the one played by the the director’s wife, Sheri Moon Zombie.

It starts with Doom-Head (Richard Brake) giving a chilling monologue to the camera, in the best scene of the entire film. We are then introduced to the main protagonists and their friends. This group of sleazy, obnoxious carnies is difficult to root for. Instead of spending the first scenes of the film relating to their personalities and relationships, I find myself annoyed by their behaviours. I did not find myself caring if they survive in the game.

There are intriguing puppet masters in the aristocrats (Malcolm McDowell, Judy Geeson, and Jane Carr), who periodically calculate and announce the odds of each of the five of surviving the game. Unfortunately, the motivations behind their annual torture-fest are never explored. The “Heads” who are asked to kill the five also often feel more like plot devices than characters, with the exception of Doom-Head.

In many ways, the film is a slasher horror and a torture porn. This film is rated R21 for its violence and gore. There is some nudity too, but the amount of blood, murders, and internal organs on the screen are the reasons for its rating. Those who want to see those will not be disappointed.

The cinematography is good, although the camera is often too shaky during chase scenes. It has nice play on colours and lighting. The carnival-themed set pieces are good too, although most of the action plays in a warehouse-like environment. The sound is well-employed for the scares without succumbing into overly cheap jump scares.
Overall, ‘31’ is an adrenaline-fueled gore-fest horror with killer clowns and unlikable protagonists. The acting and story are rather weak throughout, but many who wants to watch this film might not care too much about those. It certainly delivers on the gore and horror, if that is what you are looking for.
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