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Didi’s Dream

Format(s) Available
Opening Date
08 Jun 2017
91 mins
Mandarin with English & Chinese subtitles
Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Kevin Tsai
Dee Hsu, Lin Chi Ling, Jin Shi Jia, Li Zi Feng
Didi is an actress who wishes to prove herself before her superstar sister, while Chun Mei owns a noodle shop in space and is dumped by the boy she has fancied for a long time. When these two lives cross paths, where will fate take them?
By Yun-Huei  09 Jun 2017
There is enough on show in Didi’s Dream that bodes well for both Kevin Tsai and Dee Hsu, even if this first outing proves to be less than perfect.
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Anyone who is familiar with the now defunct talkshow with Kevin Tsai and Dee Hsu will undoubtedly walk away from Didi’s Dream more impressed than the typical moviegoer - the first directorial attempt by Kevin Tsai is filled with callbacks to the talk show, not only starring his partner-in-crime as the titular Didi, but also chock-full of familiar faces from the programme. While it’s tonally inconsistent and suffers a little from overt Asian melodrama, it’s nonetheless a credible effort from Kevin Tsai that stands out from the recent crop of Asian/Taiwan films. 

To say that Didi’s Dream is schizophrenic is not an exaggeration - it has elements of sci-fi, familial drama, comedy and tragedy (yes, do not be fooled by the trailer, this is not a slapstick comedy), and its running time really doesn’t have enough room for all these disparate elements to shine. Instead, the film is a jack of all trades but master of none: it is dramatic (and occasionally tear-jerking) but lacks depth, it has moments of mirth but feels out of place when mashed together with the central tragedy that the main plot eventually revolves around. Kevin Tsai would have probably done better if he had chosen instead to edit judiciously and focus on one or two key plot points instead. 

However, much of the film is rescued by Dee Hsu’s acting skills, who manages both the dramatic and slapstick with equal aplomb. I was extremely impressed by the strength of her central performance, so much so that I was able to forgive yet another role of unfortunately bland performance from Lin Chi Ling.

Dee is certainly head and shoulders above every other actor in the movie, and I look forward to seeing her in a film that would allow her thespian talent to shine through. Unfortunately, the film chooses to conclude on a false note, and the entire denouement feels rather unnecessary and a cop-out. There is enough on show in Didi’s Dream that bodes well for both Kevin Tsai and Dee Hsu, even if this first outing proves to be less than perfect.
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