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SMHFF: Much Too Young screens together with short film, "Between Earth and Sky" and is followed by the panel discussion, "Young Caregivers for Persons with Dementia".
Singapore Mental Health Film Festival 2019

Much Too Young

Opening Date
23 Feb 2019
PG13 Some Coarse Language
80 mins
English - subtitles to be advised
Russell Gienapp, Chris Wynn
Much Too Young is a documentary that follows four families as they deal with Alzheimer’s disease at a shockingly young age.

Alzheimer’s disease has dramatically altered the lives of these teenagers and twenty-somethings as they live day-to-day, shouldering the burden of helping care for their parents. The film reveals the intense relationships between each family member, and how the family dynamic has altered from a typical parent-child relationship.

The film powerfully demonstrates how this disease not only affects the person diagnosed and the primary caregiver, but how it takes a toll on the family and someone in the prime of their lives – the children caregivers.

“I can’t believe the stuff that we were handling when I was 21…going through things like having to sign powers of attorney, talking about the path this would go, and the long-term planning of end of life care,” — Kathryn Fudurich, Young caregiver featured in Much Too Young

“The title Much Too Young is particularly apt. This heart-wrenching yet insightful documentary not only focuses on those afflicted with early onset dementia, but also on their children who have been thrust into unanticipated roles as caregivers at much too young an age..” — Bill Brownstein, Montreal Gazette

“In our twenty years of making films about social issues, we feel that Much Too Young might be one of the most important projects we’ve ever undertaken. This film highlights the strength of these remarkable young caregivers.” — Mark Johnston & Amanda Handy, Nomad Films

2018 Canadian Screen Awards Nomination for Best Documentary Award 
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