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Friend Zone

Opening Date
04 Apr 2019
PG13 Some Mature Content
119 mins
Thai with English & Chinese subtitles
Comedy, Romance
Chayanop ‘Mu’ Boonprakob
Naphat ‘Nine’ Siangsomboon, Pimchanok ‘Baifern’ Luevisadpaibul
Palm (Naphat Siangsomboon) is one of those who has been stuck in the friend zone with his best friend, Gink (Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul), for 10 years. During high school, he tried to cross the line by confessing his feelings for her. But Gink simply rejected him, saying that “being friends is good enough.” Since then, Palm and Gink have grown closer as true best friends. Every time Palm breaks up with any of his countless girlfriends, Gink will tell him off, talking some sense into him. And every time Gink fights with her boyfriend, no matter where she happens to be in Myanmar, Malaysia, or Hong Kong. All she has to do is make a call to Palm, who uses his perks as a flight attendant to catch flights to be with her.
By Flora  02 Apr 2019
For the fans of GTH comedies, Friend Zone is another rom-com that you'll enjoy.
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Thai romantic comedy, Friend Zone tells a tale of a pair of tight-knitted friends who are more than just friends but never close in a romantic way - or so they thought.

It’s the ambiguous space that lies between platonic friendship and relationship that nobody really wants to be in. Stuck in this limbo for 10 years are Naphat Siangsomboon (Nine) and Pimchanok Leuvisetpaiboon (Baifern) who play best friends Palm and Ging. Both of them knew each other since their high school days and for Palm especially, he has always been by Ging’s side, seeing her through her breakups and happy moments and vows to be by her side whenever she needed him, even if they are miles away from each other. 

Palm had once confessed his feelings for Ging, but was told to ‘remain as friends’, and became the supporting pillar in her life. Ging falls for a music producer Ted (Jason Young) who has to fly to many countries to oversee the recording of a track, recorded by many female singers around Asia. Without Ted by her side, her insecurities and jealous overwhelm her, Ging is certain that Ted is cheating on her and flies around to spy on her boyfriend. No surprises here that Palm follows along with her wild adventures, only to be hurt time and time again.

The film also features singers from Asia, such as Namfon Indee from Laos, Claudia Barretto from the Philippines, Chi Pu from Vietnam, Meng Jia from China, Joyce Chu from Malaysia, Laura Mam from Cambodia, Audrey Tapiheru and Cantika Abigail from Indonesia. 

It helps that both lead actors have good chemistry that plays out beautifully on screen, constantly bickering, teasing and the occasional flirting. As much as it is on their shoulders to carry the film - which they managed to deliver - the story felt repetitive, just that it occurs in different countries. In all, it felt like there was more focus put on creating the music and travelling around the world to feature the small cameo segments from the various international artists and less of what could be a better development of the story. 

Even during its turning point where they finally talked about their status quo, which led to quite an awkward bathroom situation, there wasn’t a payoff that could push its narrative further. Instead, they remained back as friends. Thereafter it was just back to square one of one partner chasing the other, only to be hurt by their friendship. 

Though the excessive brand placements in this movie hindered the flow and forced a few jokes out of it, in terms of comedy, there is a fair amount of gag-worthy moments and the occasional snickers that it promises. Even the one far-fetched scene of Ging holding onto a signage was so ridiculous and silly that it became a gag at the absurdity of the situation than her action alone. 

Coming from the company that brought hit comedies like “I Fine…Thank You… Love You” and “May Who?”, so for those who enjoy GTH films, this is probably one that you’ll enjoy as well.
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