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Line Walker 2: Invisible Spy
使徒行者2: 谍影行动

Opening Date
08 Aug 2019
NC16 Violence
98 mins
Mandarin with English & Chinese subtitles
Jazz Boon
Nick Cheung, Louis Koo, Francis Ng
A frightening car crash in downtown Hong Kong sparks a war between the local police and the international criminal organizations.
Superintendent Yip (Francis Ng) and Inspector Ching (Nick Cheung) from the Criminal Intelligence Bureau (Counter Terrorism) has arrested a female hacker named Yiu involved in the accident. But the two police officers are suspected by Superintendent Cheng (Louis Koo) of the Security Wing. Cheng requests the Commissioner of Police to forbid the two to take part in the investigation. Meanwhile, vital clues led them to the far foreign soil of Myanmar and Spain. Cheng and Ching work together but not hard enough to handle their conflicting ideas. While Yip just can’t trust neither one of them, he himself is being watched by the Commissioner who doubts if Yip is covering up evidences of crimes. The Commissioner believes that there have been moles in their midst and thus, a deep probe into a mysterious gang is needed. While everyone in the Police Force might be a rat, and investigation has gone astray by Yiu’s statements, heads of the department are completely clueless about who is good or evil.
By Flora  08 Aug 2019
Nick Cheung, Francis Ng and Louis Koo face off in the reboot sequel to spy action-thriller, Line Walker 2: Invisible Spy.
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Following the spy genre, Line Walker 2 focuses on the dynamics between Cheung and Koo, who portrayed Chief Inspector Ching from the Criminal Intelligence Bureau and Security Department Superintendent Cheng respectively. Coming from two different departments, the team leaders go head-to-head when a hacker-turned-journalist You (Jiang Peiyao) gets interrogated for a terrorist crime that she is suspected in. Before turning her into the Police Security Department (headed by Koo), Yiu warned that there may be a rat in the Police Force that will threaten the safety of Hong Kong. 

Clues to the investigation point at Myanmar and Spain, where the two lead investigators head to, only to be ambushed by local assassins who are looking for the very hard drive that they travelled afar to retrieve. That hard drive contains files of the terrorists’ dealings and profiles of their spies that have assimilated into military and policies forces around the world. As the investigation drags on, Ching, Cheng and Superintendent Yip are starting to question one another’s loyalty and motive. 

For a start, the template of a mole in the police force storyline has been done to death. Spy films, however, presents an elevated genre of cop movies that lures moviegoers to the cinemas. With a stellar cast that Line Walker 2 has, it is not hard to figure out why this film will eventually do well. Cheung, Koo and Yip are great in their roles and handling action scenes like a pro. Having worked together on other films, the trio possesses good chemistry, be it fighting together or against each other. Chinese actress Jiang Peiyao as the cyber hacker is a nice addition to the mix, who was given a proper backstory to pump up her character’s journey. 

One aspect that Line Walker 2: Invisible Spy definitely excelled in is the action. With the 90-minute runtime, the movie doesn’t cut back on its action - from elaborate set explosions to close combat fights - it delivers. Action director-choreographer Chin Ka-Lok choreographed one of my personal favourite action scene where Ching and Cheng had to duck an incoming car crashing towards them. It wasn’t a pure run away from the scene, but a dramatic slide off-camera followed by the aforementioned car coming to a halt just a second later, accurately framed within the shot. That was pure gold for me, and one that you hope to see in a movie like this. Another scene takes place admits the famed bull-running festival in Spain where it was car V.S. bulls. An exhilarating spectacle to conclude the story.
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