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Your love song

Opening Date
25 Jan 2020
119 mins
Mandarin with English & Chinese subtitles
Drama, Romance
Andrew Chien
Meng-Po Fu, Chia-Yen Ko
Can a romance be relived if it is youthful as the world is young?

In one’s life, when it comes to express love to the significant others, one uses his/her own way to sing it out loud.

This movie, in the name of love song, talks about how ordinary people stay strong and support each other when they face all kinds of dilemmas in life. Their love and tears, lost and gains compose into different kinds of love songs and accompany them in life.

It wasn’t such a long time ago, the year 2007. An exciting time it was, when YouTube and Facebook together with the first-ever iPhone exhilarated minds; when A-Mei celebrated happiness, Jay Chou burned the midnight oil making music, Jolin Tsai danced her heart out, MayDay was yet to be put on the pedestal, and Jam Hsiao and Aska Yang took turns to churn out heart-wrenching tunes. In the juxtaposition of dreams and reversal of fortune were the stories of three individuals.
Crossing paths in Hualien, the three protagonists each hit rock bottom in their respective career, love life, and family relations. There was the practical dreamer Xing Zhiyuan, the loyal and meek Yu Jing with a knack to plan meticulously ahead, and then there was the young country boy Lee Dongshuo, who has been living with his grandmother his entire life. Candid and still wet behind the ears, Dong thought his love of singing was a hobby unknown to others. And yet, in a talent search. Dong, who is very talented in singing, became the bet of Xing and the salvation of Yu. They all thought that Dong was a gift from heaven, but this gift, like a Matryoshka doll, was layered with secrets...This is a story talking about tangible and intangible emotions among people. The three protagonists in this film, with their own way of expressing emotion, sing a beautiful love song to others.

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