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Opening Date
06 Aug 2020
PG13 Some Coarse Language
90 mins
Korean - subtitles to be advised
Crime, Drama
Park Sang-hyun
Shin Hae-sun, Bae Jong-ok, Huh Joon-ho
Hotshot lawyer Jung-in (Shin Hae-sun) hears about her father’s death but refuses to attend his funeral. At her father’s wake, a senior guest has died and 4, including the town mayor, were in critical condition after pesticide was detected in the rice wine that was served. In addition, the suspect who was arrested for the crime was none other than her demented mother Hwa-ja (Bae Jong-ok). In order to prove her mother’s innocence, who doesn’t even recognize her, Jung-in takes over the role of her defence lawyer and uncovers terrifying truths and conspiracies revolving her hometown.
By Rachelle  05 Aug 2020
Innocence is a courtroom drama with elements of a murder mystery thriller.
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Innocence is a film based on a real-life story. It film focuses on Ahn Jung-in, a lawyer who decides to defend her mother after she is wrongly accused of killing someone at her husband's funeral. While investigating the murder, Jung-in discovers hidden secrets and lies her father had kept from her mother and her that led to his impending death.

The opening sequence (that looks like it was filmed in one take!) depicting the fateful funeral day served as a strong opener. Had the rest of the film shared the same tone, Innocence would have made a great thriller. Unfortunately, it fails to live up to high bar it set. 

When watching the film unfold, you’ll see that it is a lot less complexed than what first-time writer/director Park Sang-hyun made it out to be. Innocence is essentially a courtroom drama with elements of a murder mystery thriller with a killer lead performance. 

Shin Hye-sun’s role as the ambitious Ahn Jung-in was captivating and engaging, hands down the best part of the movie. She tackles emotional scenes with such ease that you’ll be left weeping in your seat when you least expect it.
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