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In My Heart

Format(s) Available
Opening Date
13 Aug 2020
To Be Advised
Drama, Romance
Teddy Chin
Charles Tu, Zen Wong

熱愛音樂的阿樂( 涂善存 Charles Tu 飾)、阿原( Yuan 原騰飾)兩兄弟,冒險夜闖音樂教室,過程中卻不幸發生意外,造成弟弟昏迷在院…阿樂從此鬱鬱寡歡。直到上了大學,阿樂的生活闖進了打扮另類的奇怪少女怪獸( Zen 俊倩 飾),與充滿音樂細胞又無厘頭的室友牛車輪( 車志立-車子 飾)。三人一同經歷了許多荒謬有趣的事情,阿樂似乎開始重拾壓抑在心裡的夢想,並領悟如何對愛的付出。阿樂與怪獸剛萌芽的愛情,最後能否開花結果呢?
By Rachelle  06 Aug 2020
It's a cliche Chinese romance film done right.
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In My Heart starts off on a light note as we see we brothers quarrelling and having fun. Things take a 180 degree turn when they became roughed up by a group of gangsters. The younger brother Ah Yuan becomes critically injured.

Fast forward a few years later, and we see the older brother, Ah Le, entering university. There, he meets his roommate, Mr Car, a cute and narcissistic man; and his soon-to-be girlfriend, Monster. As Ah Le slowly opens up to the duo, he starts to face the issues that have been bothering him for the past years since the traumatic incident. Ah Le also took the opportunity to confess to Monster, which turned out great, but things took a sudden turn and proved that they were never meant to be.
As cliche as it sounds, it was still a touching movie that is not to be missed. When the premise of the film opened, I had hope that nothing terrible will happen to any of the brothers but.. a movie is a movie. It needed something to move it along and what better (but cliche) way than to make one of the brothers fall into a coma? That resulted in the main character (Ah Le) becoming a shut-in/introvert who never seem to open up to others.

In comes along the female lead (Monster), who is outgoing, friendly and appreciates the male lead for who he is. If this isn't cliche enough for you, then how about one of the main characters falling ill with cancer. The ending? Find out in the theatres yourself.
Other than the two leading characters, I felt that the supporting characters and their background stories fell a little short. For example, Ah Yuan and Mr. Car somehow disappeared into the back of the story. There was also a supporting character in a mask which I thought would have played a more significant role in the film but didn't. It would have made more sense if the production team gave that character some time to grow before he became an advisor of sort. It may be due to budget or time contraint, but I felt like the film had some unanswered parts that needed to be rectified.
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