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Fatal Visit

Opening Date
25 Sep 2020
PG13 Some Violence
89 mins
Mandarin - subtitles to be advised
Calvin Poon
Sammi Cheng, Charlene Choi, Tong Dawei
The story tells of Yanny (Charlene Choi), who leaves Hong Kong to escape a love affair gone bad. She goes to San Jose to visit Ling (Sammi Cheng), an old friend she hasn't seen in years. It seems like Ling and her husband Tang (Tong Dawei) lead an ideal, carefree existence. But during the short span of five days, Yanny uncovers the truth hidden behind the facade as she discovers the unspeakable secrets that propel all three down a fatal path shattering their American dreams and imperilling their lives.
By May Loo  18 Sep 2020
Fatal Visit's sucess lies behind Sammi Cheng's performance as Ling.
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Directed by Calvin Poon, Fatal Visit is a Hong Kong thriller film starring Sammi Cheng, Charlene Choi and Tong Dawei. Choi plays Yanny, who leaves Hong Kong to escape a failed relationship. She decides to visit her close friend Ling (Cheng), who has been living with her husband Tang (Tong) in America. In the five days that she has been staying with Ling, Yanny discovers that the couple have been harboring dark secrets, and one of them involves a murder.

The film begins with Tang and Ling's attraction when they first met and fell in love at a bar in Chicago but we see that Ling is now married to someone else though she does not have a good relationship with her husband. She requests they move to a place that is warmer so they end up settling in Saint Jose. 

Fate allows Ling and Tang to meet again. The former starts to plot her husband's death so she and Tang can be together. 

Fast forward to present time when Ling's friend Yanny came to Saint Jose for a visit after her break up with her boyfriend. During the duration of her stay, Ling's characteristics of a control freak becomes more apparent as she controls Tang's every action. Paranoid, she even suspects Yanny of seducing Tang.

Eventually, Tang who can't take it anymore decides to fight back and plots to kill Ling. He asks Yanny for help and reveals Ling's murderous secret.

The plot of the movie is simple but it had enough nuances to keep the audience's attention going. All in all, Fatal Visit's sucess lies behind Sammi Cheng's performance as Ling. She truly delivers everytime she's on screen, taking charge as the lead character. Though the pace of the movie felt fast, the sequences blended well enough with each other that nothing felt too out of place.
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