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Waiting for Rain

Opening Date
01 Jul 2021
117 mins
Korean with English subtitles
Cho Jin-mo
KANG Ha-neul, CHUN Woo-hee
Without a proper goal in life, Young-ho (KANG Ha-neul) had failed to get into a college 3 times and lived a pointless life. One day, he reminisced about his old friends and sent a letter to one of them on a whim. In Busan, So-hee (CHUN Woo-hee) received a letter from Young-ho addressed to her sister So-yeon. So-hee began writing the letters on So-yeon’s behalf and started to develop a friendship with Young-ho. Ordinary and plain lives of these two people began filling up with anticipation and possibilities of the future. Young-ho then suggested that they meet up on December 31 but only if it rains…
By Jillene  03 Jun 2021
Waiting For Rain is a gripping love story that made lead actor Kang Ha-neul cry when he read the script.
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Waiting for Rain is a South Korean romantic Melodrama directed by Jo Jin Mo (leading actor in Happy End and 200 Pound Beauty). The screenplay was written by Seong Hyeob (The Divine Move, Suicide Forecast).

The film follows an elusive love story between Park Young-ho and Chun So-hee as they anticipate each other from a distance. Their relationship is built upon contingencies determined by So-hee which dictated that Young-ho will never ask to meet. Contributing to the obscure nature of their relationship is the element of handwritten letters they exchanged for years. The handwritten letters sheds the invasiveness of present-day technology which obligates people to be in rapid, constant contact, yet intimacy is achieved in the tangible handwriting, bringing back the nostalgic old school style – literally.  With that, every letter is cherished, only including the very essence that they wanted to convey.

As the exchange between Young-ho and So-hee steers the plot forward, the film hinges on the fundamental question as old as time – fate or freewill? Was he destined to meet an old classmate he used to fail a math class with? Was it fate that So-hee’s sister, So-yeon fell deathly ill? Or was it freewill that led So-yeon to extend a helping hand to young, injured Young-ho who then decided that later on in his life that this acquaintance would be his very source of hope?

This philosophical question punctuated the film with depth and character as it further begs the question – why are people desperate to pick a definitive side? Perhaps the underlying motivation to believe in fate is to avoid confronting what we could have done better and the crushing revelation of wasted potential. And conversely freewill could be comforting to those who felt like they were never good enough – another reoccurring sentiment in this film shared by Young-ho who struggles to pass his exams. The charatcers grapple with this question as they hope to believe that they are capable if they try. This is just the tip of the iceberg as there is so much to unpack in this film which explores other polarising questions.

The ultimate mystery: Will Young-ho and So-hee eventually meet? It bring back the same contention about ‘Fate Vs Freewill’ as they agreed to meet on a rainy December 31st. They were mutually aware of unlikely possibility of this event. When it is too hard to decide whether you should meet the love of your life, leave it up to fate! Or was that totally freewill?

Kang Ha-neul, the actor who played Park Young-ho was so moved by this narrative that he was tearful while reading the script. If you were a big fan of When the Camellia Blooms, you might be more than familiar with him! Starring alongside Kang is Chun Woo-hee who plays Gong So-hee. Here, we get to see Chun playing a role of someone with a mild demeanour as opposed to one with exaggerated style.

If you are someone who loves a gripping love story, or you struggle with the same questions, or you never felt good enough for people/society/your career/life; you have to catch this film!
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