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Cloudy Mountain

Opening Date
21 Oct 2021
PG Some Intense Sequences
115 mins
Mandarin with English & Chinese subtitles
Action, Disaster
Li Jun
Zhu Yilong, Huang Zhizhong, Chen Shu, Jiao Junyan
Hong Yizhou, the acting chief engineer of the Yunjiang Tunnel Project, felt abnormal geological activity due to a tunnel flooding accident and went into the mountain to repair the sensor. He asked his girlfriend Lu Xiaojin to pick up his father Lao Hong who came to visit the project and visit him. Suddenly the station where Lao Hong stayed collapsed and Lao Hong plunged into the ground to save people. Yizhou quickly went to the rescue. Lao Hong used his skills as a railroad soldier and led the survivors to escape. He ran into Yizhou on the way out, but they had a lot of contradictions because of their different ideas. The hole where Yizhou came in was buried, and the new escape exit was blocked by the water. Yizhou was afraid of water because his mother died from drowning, so Lao Hong went into the water to search. When Lao Hong was exhausted and his consciousness was about to become blurred, Yizhou finally overcame the mental barrier and saved his father. And they also let go of their past. 
After they returned to the ground, Yizhou learned that the landslide was threatening the safety of the town nearby. So the China Railway Construction’s manager Ding Yajun decided to explode the tunnel to project the town. Yizhou found an ideal solution to save the town and also keep the tunnel by dropping explosives in a high-risk crack.  Lao Hong assisted Yizhou regardless of the danger, and finally succeeded. However, Lao Hong died, and was left in this land ever since……
一座修建十年的隧道即将竣工之际,受全球地质变动影响,地裂、地震、山体滑坡、泥石流等一系列地质灾害呼啸而至,隧道与整个县城危在旦夕,“老洪”洪赟兵(黄志忠 饰)、“小洪”洪翼舟(朱一龙 饰)父子俩于绝境处挺身而出,他们如何与16万人度过这场生死危机?
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