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Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup

Opening Date
25 Jun 2022
To Be Advised
120 mins
Malay - subtitles to be advised
Jamil Sulong
Aziz Jaafar, Zaiton, Neng Yatimah, Supa’at, Hasnah Hassan, Bat Latiff, S. Kadarisman, Zainon Fiji, Haji Mahadi, Rahmah Rahmat, Malek Sutan Muda, Salleh Kamil
Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup is a famous folktale produced in 1959.

It tells a story about a mother who craves for the roe of ikan tembakul (giant mudskipper). As her craving turns to a point of desperation, her husband goes to the mangrove river to fish for the rare ikan tembakul and dies on a stormy night.

Without her husband, she tries her hand to fish for the desired fish and was fortunate enough to catch one with the delicious roe. After cooking the fish, her eldest daughter Melor, was instructed to leave some for her. However, Melor fails to stop her younger brother Pekan, from eating all of the roe including his mother’s portion. When she returns to find that Pekan has eaten her portion of the roe and that Melor has failed to stop him, she was distraught.

Her daughter pleads for forgiveness, but her children’s perceived selfishness causes her to flee. She surrenders and walked into the mouth of a human-devouring rock. What will happen to her children after the rock shuts itself tight? Will they be wandering orphans or will there still be a future for them?

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