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Woman In The Maze

Opening Date
22 Feb 2024
PG13 Horror
English - subtitles to be advised
Mitesh Patel
Meredith Vancuyk, Joey Heyworth, Sean Dillingham, George Nelson
A young woman rents a house in America's largest ghost town, Jerome, Arizona for a business trip, but soon discovers that the house is cursed and traps any woman who enters it. The house transforms into a maze, making it impossible for the woman to escape. Will she be able to break the curse and escape the maze before it's too late? or will she become the next victim of the cursed house?
By InCinemas  21 Feb 2024
A promising straightforward horror genre fans and newcomers will enjoy.
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Directed and produced by Mitesh Kumar Patel, Woman In The Maze is a horror film, inspired by the historic ghost town of Jerome. Once a bustling mining community, Jerome is now known as one of the most haunted places in America owing to its traumatic past, filled with tales of mining accidents, violent crimes, and untimely deaths, including a devastating fire in 1894 which destroyed over 30 buildings.  
We begin the story with Gabbi, a real estate agent, who we see renting a sizeable mansion in the ghost town of Jerome, Arizona known as the Hannah house for (or what she believes to be) a short stay by herself. She is in town to check on some properties for the developer she works for. Gabbi soon learns that the entire town is replete with stories of infidelity and murder. Concurrently, Gabbi’s meeting with local realtor, Owen, hints at possible development of love interest.  
The movie then evolves exponentially to take on a darker eerie tone with Gabbi being assaulted with unexplained occurrences, nightmares, and visions, including a warning from a female apparition named Judy “to leave and never come back” until she ends up getting lost in the house which has become a seemingly inescapable maze. 
In her desperate attempts to escape, Gabbi ends up bloodied and in the basement where she finds the diary of Judy, the female apparition who had been haunting Gabbi earlier. Reading the diary, Gabbi learns that a terrible tragedy had befallen Judy and her husband, Angus, and in response to her husband’s misplaced anger towards her, Judy found solace with another man. In his anger, Angus murdered Judy and put a curse on Hannah House which would then capture and consume any woman who enters the house like a carnivorous Venus flytrap.
Armed with the knowledge of the curse, Gabbi battles the cursed house while Owen tries his best to rescue her. Will Gabbi be able to break the curse and escape from Hannah House? Or will she fall victim and be trapped forever?
Starring actors like Meredith VanCuyk as Gabbi and Joey Heyworth as her love interest, Woman In The Maze, seems a promising straightforward horror film. VanCuyk as Gabbi must be given credit as she dominates every scene with her emotions – confusion, fear and desperation.
The film highlights the ripple effects of infidelity and depicts how hurt people go on hurting other people as we have seen how the scorned husband, Angus, whose inability to forgive his wife, has essentially created a sentient entity that seemingly continues to hurt other women.  
Interesting watch for fans of the horror movie genre, or an easy horror film for newcomers to the genre! 
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