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A once legendary gangster Dong-chul (Ma Dong-seok) cleans up his past and tries to settle down to enjoy an ordinary life with his angelic wife Ji-soo (Song Ji-hyo). However, due to his naive and reckless nature, he continuously gets tricked into making ...
The Ma Dong-seok Cinematic Universe is what fans have called the complete filmography of American-born Korean actor Ma Dong-seok. Don't know who Ma Dong-seok is? Here's a quick lowdown. Born in the US, Ma Dong-seok was a martial arts trainer before he moved ...
It’s about 4 months till we see Carol Danvers on the big screen in her debut as one of the greatest Marvel heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and Marvel Studios just dropped a new trailer featuring Brie Larson as ...
Film still from 'How to Train our Dragon' In 2018, mm2 Entertainment has released 27 feature films in Singapore cinemas, including 21 acquired and 6 mm2 original films produced in Southeast Asia. The mm2 Malaysia produced film 'Shuttle Life' was nominated for two ...
Taiwanese trio Bii, Ian Chen and Dino Lee were in Singapore last weekend to promote their album, Unstoppable 3-Epochal Times. Though not an official boyband, they are perks in promoting their music as label mates under the same entertainment company, Eagle ...
Bii 畢書盡, Dino Lee 李玉璽 & Ian Chen 陳彥允. 勢在必行3 - 心時代 Live in Singapore

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