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Bii-ing the Big Brother

By Flora  /  09 Dec 2015 (Wednesday)

Taiwanese trio Bii, Ian Chen and Dino Lee were in Singapore last weekend to promote their album, Unstoppable 3-Epochal Times. Though not an official boyband, they are perks in promoting their music as label mates under the same entertainment company, Eagle Music. 

Youngest member Dino Lee shared at the media conference that he enjoyed having the company of his seniors. “It feels great to be in Singapore to promote with Bii and Ian. In Taiwan, we do a lot of individual activities and promotions, so it's nice to share the stage with them,” said the 22-year-old singer-actor. 

Korean-Taiwanese singer Bii who is the most experienced among the three, naturally took on the role as the ‘big brother’ of the company. “When we have a showcase together, I just feel that we are not only showcasing our performance, but also representing our company. So I’ll make sure that we perform to our best,” said Bii. 

Lee added: “Bii takes very good care of us. He will give us pointers and advice about our performances… he is our role model.”

Bii, who came to Singapore a couple of times, is fondly remembered by this reporter for not only for his strong vocals, but his quietness as well. At the conference, Bii seemed to be more chatty, often taking the lead in answering questions from the media. 

“Dino and I changed Bii,” Chen said. “I think we helped him to open up a little more. He’s more candid now.” 

(L: Ian Chen with Vivian Sung; Dino Lee with Vivian Sung in Our Times) 

Many might recognise Chen and Lee for their roles in the hit Taiwanese coming of age film ‘Our Times’. Lee played the school’s most popular male student while Chen played one of Tai Yu’s (Darren Wang) gang buddies. 
Our Times is the no.1 Taiwanese film in Singapore, having grossed over S$2.5 million in box office sales. 

Lee admitted that he didn’t expected to be acting in films or dramas initially but decided to give it go. “I was rather afraid at the start but as time went by, I enjoyed it! Acting is actually fun.”
When asked about their ideal genre and characters they would like to play if all three were to appear in the same movie, Bii said they suited comedy. “As long as there are the three of us, t’s going to be a comedy no matter what show we do,” quipped Lee.

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Unstoppable 3-Epochal Times is now on sale. 
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