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'Cars 3' Rolls out A Brighter Sneak Peak

By Freddy  /  10 Jan 2017 (Tuesday)

Let’s admit it, the first teaser trailer of ‘Cars 3’ was grim. It looks like a gritty reboot, lacking the vibrancy and joy of its predecessors.

This extended sneak peek of ‘Cars 3’ is not that much better. It starts with familiar scenes we have seen in the teaser.

But it went on to increasingly show a somewhat lighter tone and brighter images. It features a tagline: “It’s not over until lightning strikes.”

This sneak peek shows Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) back on the racing tracks.

He has a new rival, a next-gen racer called Jackson Storm (Armie Hammer).

It seems that he will be trained by Cruz Ramirez (Cristela Alonzo), another new character.

We are getting a ‘Rocky’ vibe from this film. We will get more details once the official synopsis and trailer are released by Pixar.

Check out the details about the 3 main characters in this gallery!

‘Cars 3’ opens in theatres 31 August 2017.
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