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Jay Park’s very own X-mini Capsule Speaker!

By InCinemas  /  22 May 2013 (Wednesday)

Korean Singer Jay Park becomes the first Kpop artiste to release a customised speaker with X-mini speaker - Jay Park x X-mini Capsule Speaker.

X-mini, the leader in pocket-sized sound solutions has teamed up with one of the hottest artistes, Jay Park to introduce a special edition capsule speakers which reflects Park’s hip hop lifestyle and music.

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The Seattle-born artiste is known to be a hip hop, RnB singer-songwriter who dances, raps and entertains. Fluent in both English and Korean, he is able to reach out to international audiences while introducing his special brand of music to his fans.

During the media launch, the Kpop star mentioned that he had some input in the creation of his capsule speakers. While the speaker itself was designed solely by X-mini, Park said that he gave comments and opinions about the packaging instead.

Featuring a sleek metal finishing that reflects Jay Park’s style, the 'Jay Park x X-mini Capsule Speaker' not only looks cool but sounds cool too. It is the first ever metal X-mini Capsule Speaker to be launched while retaining its portability and compact design, making it the perfect accessory to pop into your bag to take along wherever you go.

On top of it, Park said that he usually plugs the speakers into his laptop during dance rehearsals and at home, something he loves to do often.

“Music and dance are my life and when the opportunity to work with X-mini came up, I was really excited because these little boomboxes really pump out the tunes! I am so grateful for all the support that my fans, the Jaywalkerz, have shown me over the years and this was just something I wanted to do for them so that they would feel like they have a part of me wherever they are while they are listening to my music,” said Jay Park.

It’s a limited edition speaker and the first run will only see 500 of these 'Jay Park x X-mini Capsule Speaker'. To cater to the international fans, marketing manager from X-mini stated they are working out deals for international shipping so that the speakers will be sold worldwide too!
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