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Bye Bye Queenstown Cinema!

By InCinemas  /  01 Jul 2013 (Monday)
By the time you’re reading this, the Queenstown Cinema and Bowling Centre have been torn down.

Many people flocked to visit the place that once stood in Commonwealth Avenue for the last time before it was demolished. Though abandoned for a few years, it still holds many fond memories for some.

Built in the 1977, Queenstown Cinema was one of the first cinemas which had soundproofing technology using wood-wool slabs, acoustic ceiling boards and carpeting. Once a popular area for students and moviegoers, it was then converted into a LAN gaming centre for a few years before the entire building was vacated.

It was inevitable that it lost in the ‘cinema’ war as moviegoers started to seek for cinemas with better facilities and technology. Closed in 1999, it remained as Queenstown’s most iconic feature today.

Many of us would never be able to experience watching movies during those days, with curtains covering part of the screen during advertisements and trailers, and then be fully drawn to reveal the entire width when the movie starts. 

(Find out more about Queenstown Cinema and Bowling Centre here!)

The Queenstown MyCommunity group are appealing to the public for signages from the cinema that were taken away during the demolition. The group plans to set up a Queenstown museum and would like to display these signs there. If you think you are able to help or contribute in any way, contact myqueenstown@gmail.com!
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