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Disaster In Japan May Postpone Or Alter Avatar 2

By InCinemas  /  22 Mar 2011 (Tuesday)

Most disasters have a three-pronged effect. First, there’s the devastation of the catastrophe itself. That’s followed by a rigorous rebuilding effort, and then ultimately, survivors take with them not only an altered sense of how to look at the world but also pleas for increased safety and preventative measures. We’ve just begun to assess the horrible toll Japan has paid in that first prong, but already, experts have started examining how to protect Japan and other nations from natural disaster-cued nuclear radiation exposures, as well as a host of other tsunami and earthquake-related fallouts. It’s no doubt these increased precautions will affect a wide range of business and industries, but now we’re hearing they may even slow down work on the sequel to the highest grossing film ever made.

According to Coming Attractions, James Cameron has spent the last few months working out ways to film in 3D inside the Marianas Trench, but with the earthquake aftereffects still hitting daily with no end in sight, the expedition may need to be scrapped not only out of safety concerns but also because of what could be exorbitant insurance costs. The director had planned to study creatures living at the deepest points on Earth for possible usage in Avatar 2, but the cost and risk associated with it just might not prove worth it.

Avatar 2 isn’t expected to see the light of day for at least another three years, but that might prove to be insufficient time if he in fact is hellbent on getting this footage. There’s been no word from James Cameron or the studio; so, for now, we’ll just have to go on Coming Attractions’ very reasonable-sounding hypothesis.
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