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What You See is What You Get in 'Out Of Inferno'!

By InCinemas  /  01 Oct 2013 (Tuesday)

Lead actors from disaster movie Out of Inferno revealed yesterday during a press conference held at Marina Bay Sands that they did not use any stunt doubles in the movie.

“It has been some time since we’ve been promoting this film. Yesterday, a journalist asked us about it (body doubles) and it was only then we realised that the directors didn’t get any and asked us to do all the stunts ourselves!” Koo said.

Besides braving raging fires, huge explosions and even water crashes, Lau and Koo though felt that it was a challenging project, they thought it was done well and thanked the production crew for it.

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Out Of Inferno
is the first Hong Kong disaster film to be shot in 3D where it tracks the lives of two firefighter brothers (Lau & Koo) who are trap in a building on fire, faced with the decision of saving their loved ones or strangers who equally need their help. Apart from the action sequences that one can expect from, Out Of Inferno also features the themes on brotherhood, loyalty and friendship.

When asked about their personal choices when faced with the same situation, “I’ve never thought about it. I don’t know? It should be them (firefighters) saving me,” Lau joked.

Directed by the Pang brothers, Out of Inferno also stars Lee Sinjie, Chen Kun and Natalie Tong. When choosing Koo’s on-screen girlfriend, he was the one who recommended TVB actress Natalie Tong to play his love interest.

“When I first read the script, the directors have not chosen the actress to play tha role (Koo’s on-screen girlfriend). I was watching a programme the other day and saw her (Tong) which had similarities to the character in the show. Therefore, I recommended her to the directors and was glad she was able to make it.”

In terms of rating his co-star’s performance to which Koo replied cheekily, “Of course it was good, if not I wouldn’t recommend her to the director!”

Out of Inferno opens InCinemas this Thursday, 3 October 2013!
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