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Alan Ko Describes His Love Scene with Vivian Hsu as ‘Stressful but Fun’!

By InCinemas  /  08 Oct 2013 (Tuesday)

In upcoming musical film Rhythm Of The Rain, main lead Alan Ko revealed that his love scene with actress-singer Vivian Hsu was 'memorable' but 'stressful at the same time'.

As part of the movie promotion, together with director Vincent Fang and fellow actors Vivian Hsu, Han Yu Jie and Wei Ru Yun will be meeting the Singapore fans at JCube tonight, followed by a gala premiere in the evening.

Though Ko met Hsu when he was younger, he still felt that being able to work with his ‘goddess’ was a chance he couldn’t miss. “There’s something about her that attracts people,” he said during a press conference held at Capella Hotel yesterday.

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“I was stressed and shy but knew I had to stay professional. Although there were only a few crew on site, the director with the monitor in the other room had close to 20 people watching it!” Ko recalled.

Rhythm of the Rain marks Vincent Fang’s directorial debut. While many might match his name to pop icon Jay Chou's lyricist , Fang said that it was a dream-come-true for him to be able to make this film.

Apart from roping in buddy Ko and Hsu, he selected a number of newcomers for his first feature film, a daring move that most first-time directors wouldn’t do. Han Yu Jie was selected through a regional audition call which was held earlier this year, and singer Wei Ru Yun who plays a keyboardist in the same rock band as Ko.

Both Wei and Ko described Fang as a calm and encouraging director who thinks fast on his feet. “I remember a scene where we needed about 500 extras to be fans in our concert but only 80 people came. Fang came up and told us ‘don’t worry, let’s change a little bit of the story’, and it turned out really well.” Ko said.

“He was very calm and not all first-time directors can be like him.”

For singer Wei Ru Yun, she was more than ecstatic when she heard that she was selected to sing the themesong for the film, specially composed by Jay Chou. When asked about her thoughts as to why she was chosen, Wei humbly said that because she was ‘another singer in the film’.

“I think the director thinks that my voice is a little different and because this is a love song, it will be great is someone in the film could also be singing the themesong," she said.

Rhythm Of The Rain is slated to open InCinemas this Thursday, 10 October 2013!
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