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Cathay Cineplexes to Screen Exclusively in Singapore the World's First 3D Opera, Carmen in 3D

By InCinemas  /  29 Mar 2011 (Tuesday)
Cathay Cineplexes has been awarded the exclusive screening right in Singapore to Carmen in 3D! A Collaboration between RealD and London's internationally renowned Royal Opera House, Carmen in 3D marks a breakthrough in the cinematic industry - being the first ever Opera to be filmed and shown in cinemas on 3D!

Carmen opens InCinemas on 1 April 2011 (This Friday) and only will be having 12 screenings over 10 days at The Cathay Cineplex (Handy Road). You can actually view the showtimes of the movie and purchase the tickets in advance.

"Carmen in 3D will give audiences around the world the best seat in the house as they are transported to the illustriouis Royal Opera House and fully immersed in this beloved tale of love, jealousy and betrayal,” said Joseph Peixoto, President of Worldwide Cinema at RealD, “This film will be exclusively available to RealD cinema partners around the world, bringing them added value and an opportunity to showcase the unique entertainment experience RealD 3D technology can bring to alternative content.”

Among the 3D Technology, RealD is the lightest and the least bulky add-on to your 3D experience. Enjoying the opera, Carmen in 3D, in cinemas is most different compared to watching it in an opera house. This movie allows you to choose the best seats and have it at a standard price, while viewing it a bigger ratio than in an opera. As such, there is no important details you could’ve missed and the introduction makes you feel as though you are part of the audience, clapping in unison to welcome the famous classic.

Furthermore, you can enjoy your popcorns and drinks while watching the opera and there is also a 5-minute intermission during the screening (at the end of scene 2), to refill your snacks or a quick break at the restrooms.

Carmen in 3D is in French, with English subtitles, and about 160mins long (inclusive of the 5-minute intermission). The ticket price to Carmen in 3D is $15 on weekday (Monday – Thursday) and $25 on weekend (Friday – Sunday).
Do note that there is only 10 screenings at The Cathay, so be sure not to miss this refreshing experience in 3D!

Below is the detailed synopsis of Carmen in 3D.
For more information, you may visit its official site http://www.carmen3d.com/

Presented by RealD and The Royal Opera House

ACT I -- A square in Seville outside a cigarette factory and barracks, around 1820
A squadron of soldiers is stationed outside the cigarette factory. The working girls come out for a break and the men go crazy for the dazzling Carmen. She teases them, tossing a flower to the standoffish corporal, Don José, who appears to ignore it.
Don José meets with Micaëla, a girl from his village. She gives him a letter from his mother. Don José expresses his intention to marry Micaëla, as his mother wishes. Carmen gets into a fight with another woman and is arrested. She seduces Don José into helping her escape. For his trouble he gets thrown in prison.

ACT II -- A tavern in Seville, haunt of gypsies and brigands, some months later
Carmen and her gypsy friends are dancing when champion bullfighter, Escamillo, arrives. He is attracted to Carmen, but she spurns his advances. Carmen’s friends urge her to join them in a new smuggling venture. When she refuses, saying she is in love, they suggest she brings her lover with her. Don José arrives, just out of prison and Carmen dances for him. A bugle calls Don José to return to his barracks. Carmen is furious and demands that Don José desert the army. José’s officer appears ordering him back to barracks. Carmen’s smuggling friends kidnap Zuniga, and Don José agrees to join them and leave his old life.

ACT III -- A bandits’ camp in the mountains
Carmen has wearied of Don José. Frasquita, Mercédès and Carmen read the cards, which predict Carmen’s death. The bandits go off on a mission and José is left alone at the camp. Escamillo the bullfighter, appears, looking for Carmen. He and José fight. Don José is only stopped from stabbing Escamillo by the arrival of Carmen. Escamillo thanks Carmen, and invites the smugglers to his next bullfight. Micaëla arrives. She has followed Don José to the mountains to tell him that his mother is dying. Don José agrees to leave with Micaëla but promises Carmen that he will return.

ACT IV -- Outside the bullring in Seville
Carmen appears with Escamillo as he parades before the bullfight and they exchange vows of love. As Escamillo leaves to begin the bull fight, Don José appears and begs Carmen to run away with him. She refuses, declaring that she no longer loves him. Offstage, the jubilant crowd cheers Escamillo as he kills a bull. Carmen declares her love for Escamillo and tries to break free from Don José. As the bull dies in the ring, José stabs Carmen, who falls dead in his arms.
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