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'Firestorm' Actor and Producer Andy Lau Wants to Work with Singapore Filmmakers!

By InCinemas  /  05 Dec 2013 (Thursday)

It was way before the Golden Horse Awards that superstar Andy Lau had eyes set on our local film industry. During his trip to Singapore to promote his latest film Firestorm, Lau mentioned that he is interested to work with Singapore filmmakers, be it as an actor or producer.

“I’ve been with contact with a few directors here in Singapore but I’m not sure why they seldom call me to invest in their films,” said Lau in a press conference held at the Marina Bay Sands yesterday.

“I might not be as rich as the other investors but I can contribute my knowledge and experience to these new directors,” urged Lau, who welcomes directors and filmmakers to look for him.

Citing Anthony Chen’s multi-award winning film Ilo Ilo, Lau said he watched the film on the plane and thought the story was ‘emotional’ and ‘special’.

“Before the Taiwan Golden Horse Awards, I have already heard about the potential filmmakers (to work with) but it isn’t too nice to just talk about it before the awards.” he quipped. “I wanted to distribute the film in Hong Kong but he (Chen) had already sold the distribution rights to another company.”

Lau even expressed interest in starring in our local films. “A lot of people thinks that Andy Lau is so busy and expensive, I am expensive but it’s worth it! If not I won’t be making so many films,” he joked.

To date, Lau has starred in over 140 films and there’s nothing stopping this Hong Kong veteran actor-singer.

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Though Lau denied rumours of a second child with Malaysian wife Carol Chu, he told the media he ‘will try hard’ and thanked the media and fans for the concern.

When asked about the stunts he will not do (Lau is 52 this year), Lau replied that he is ‘honest to himself’ and ‘will take care for the people around him’. In Firestorm, there were a lot of explosions, standoffs, and fight sequences where Lau and the other cast did most of the stunts themselves.

Firestorm opens InCinemas 12 December 2013 and stars other veteran actors like Gordon Lam, Yao Chen and Hu Jun.
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