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Thomas Ong To The Rescue!

By InCinemas  /  11 Mar 2014 (Tuesday)

Thomas Ong plays Yang Haotian, a male home nurse in upcoming Channel 8’s drama The Caregivers, is not only helping patients onscreen, he is seen as a helpful mentor off-screen among these rising stars.

In the drama, Ong makes house calls to old and feeble chronic patients to provide regular home nursing services. Cheery in nature, he brings his medical team of nurses to house visits and spreads joy to his patients.

“Thomas is really very kind. He keeps helping me jump into character and guides me along the way”, said Cheryl Wee who plays Liu Xuewen, a part of Haotian medical nurse team. The Caregivers marks Wee’s first Mandarin drama after her stint at Channel 5’s Mata Mata.

“He will say ‘Eh, this is Cheryl Wee, not something Xue Wen will do!’.”

She also revealed that Ong invited a bunch of the cast members over to his house to go through lines with them despite the long hours spent on set. Even co-star Jayley Woo agreed that Ong felt like a ‘big brother’.

“He’s really good in nurturing our emotions for the scenes and makes the whole atmosphere very happy and enjoyable. Although he is on set almost everyday for most of the scenes, he will still maintain that smile on him”, quipped the actress.

“I was really, really happy when I heard that Thomas Ong would be playing my elder brother in the drama”, she added.

Ong explained that he felt there was a need to pass on acting tips and skills to these upcoming actors and it was what he received when he was new to the industry. He said, “I was humble enough to learn from those veteran actors and now that I have these juniors who are willing to learn, I am also willing to teach.”

For that script-read at his house, Ong invited Wee, Woo, James Seah and Chris Tong whom he asked her to ‘just join for food’. “There were a number of scenes of us as a family and I felt that we had to understand each other better and there was a need for some communication among us. So I invited them to my house for food and to do a script read”, Ong continued.

On set, Ong is also seen as the ‘stress-reliever’, often seen cracking jokes and breaking into laughter. “There’re all very hardworking and give themselves too much stress, that’s why I will try my best to help them to relax by telling jokes and all”.

Starring Thomas Ong, Chris Tong, Terence Cao, Xiang Yun, Cheryl Wee, James Seah, Jayley Woo and Yuan Shuai! Debuts 12 March, Mon - Fri, 9pm, Channel 8!
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