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Doraemon New Movie 'Stand By Me' Will be its Last!

By InCinemas  /  12 Mar 2014 (Wednesday)

Prepare your tissues, the upcoming 2014 release of Doraemon movie 'Stand By Me' will mark its last release of the widely popular franchise where the story features Doraemon leaving Nobita.

This is going to be the final and last story. Based on the trailer, we think it's going to be a real tearjerker! The official website uploaded a new teaser trailer on YouTube and based the narrator states that it is 'Doraemon's first - and final story'.  The robotic cat has been a favourite character among children and adults worldwide, the franchise was made into an anime series, movies and translated to several languages.


The tagline at the end of the video reads: "To everyone who has experienced childhood'.

There's no official announcement on the release here in Singapore yet, but we do hope that we get to watch this 'goodbye' movie to our blue robotic cat!

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