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Song Seung Heon Bares It All in 'Obsessed'!

By InCinemas  /  26 Jul 2014 (Saturday)

It’s not hard to imagine why Korean heartthrob Song Seung Heon has such a large following; from his lover-boy role in Autumn In My Heart (2000) to cool, gifted neurosurgeon in Dr Jin (2012), there’s a kind of instant attraction and charisma he exudes that sends hearts fluttering.

Known for his toned body and chiselled abs, Song bares it all after 18 years in his career in erotic film Obsessed

“Many people have asked me about the revealing scenes in this movie probably because it’s my first time ever (to film an erotic film) in my acting career. I can’t say that it’s something that I could easily take up, but it was something of a big step for me,” the 38-year-old actor said at a press conference yesterday at The Fullerton Hotel.

Song stars as Kim Jin-pyong, a highly respected military commander falls in love with his subordinate’s wife (Lim Ji-yeon) at first sight. The forbidden but irresistible love affair is eventually revealed, which can only bring tragedy to everyone involved.

Song sang praises of the young actress, newbie Lim Ji-yeon whom he called ‘brave’. “I was very shy to have 20, 30 people around looking at me while we filmed the intimate scenes, but she was very brave and calm.”

“It was great working with her and I can’t imagine any actress playing the role as Ga-Heun than her,” he continued.

It’s a 180-degree change from his prince charming roles in the past, but he shared that he agreed to be onboard this project because it came in a ‘package’ - to work with director Kim Dae-woo, the impactful story and his character Kim Jin Pyong. “The reason why I took this up project so easily because it came in a package with the director that I could really trust very well. I am a huge fan of the director even before taking up this role,” he explained.

“Also, I really love the story and the character in the movie. If i didn’t have any of those terms, I’m not so sure I would take up the project of Obsessed.”

(More photos of heartthrob Song from the press conference here!)

In terms of future projects, Song is certain that more offers to portray different characters will surface, not because he bared his body in front of the camera, but his big step away from his past stereotypical roles.

“I tried something new this time, and moved out of my traditional image of being a romantic gentleman. Moving away, should I try a comical character or an evil character, I think those will come in the future.”

Obsessed also stars Jo Yeo-jeong and On Ju-wan, and opens InCinemas 31 July 2014!
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