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Lee Min Ho on being the Nation’s Heartthrob!

By InCinemas  /  01 Oct 2014 (Wednesday)

Scrap that, let’s just say Lee Min Ho easily tops the list as one of Asia’s leading sweethearts but for the actor-singer, it’s not all about the appearance.

“I think being a heartthrob is not really about the appearance itself but being responsible and being able to protect your loved ones. That’s the most important thing being a real man,” said Lee at a media conference last Saturday at The Westin Singapore.

The face of OSIM’s chic massage sofa uDiva, Lee was here to celebrate OSIM’s 35th anniversary, and to meet his fans in Singapore.

(More photos of Lee Min Ho in Singapore here!)

The actor is best known for his leading roles in Boys Over Flowers (2009) and The Heirs (2013). You will soon see the actor in his first feature film as the lead actor in Gangnam Blues, but not the usual clean-cut, boy-next-door look.

“I move on to Gangnam Blues from The Heirs and I think I looked a little too well-maintained in the role in Gangnam Blues. So what I tried to do was not put any lotion for the 6 months to show a little more of a manly side that is required from the character,” he revealed.

“Well, if you watch the movie, please don’t be surprised…. it was just for the role. I am coming back!”

Lee isn’t afraid of being stereotyped as a rich man’s son, but would hope to show a ‘more dynamic side’ of himself in the future. “Now in my 20s, I would like to show the bright and energetic side of the men in 20s,” he added.

So how does the prince charming stay in shape despite his busy schedule? Simple, catching up on his beauty sleep!

“Whenever I get enough sleep, I can relieve my stress and my blues away so I think that is the most effective way for me to get away with stress.” If there isn’t any activities scheduled for the day, Lee would love to sleep, saying “If I have the time, nine to 12 hours will easily work for me!”

After the media conference, he met with the Singapore fans at Causeway Point and played a few games with lucky fans. While one got her lips moisturised with lip balm from her idol, another fan held on to Lee while he signed a poster.

If you can’t wait to meet this Korean superstar, he said he will be having a promotional tour in October for his upcoming music album and rumour has it that he’ll be back here in November!

For now, let’s keep calm and view more photos from the media conference here!
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