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'Our Sister Mambo' - Cathay's Commemorative Feature Film.

By InCinemas  /  06 Jul 2015 (Monday)


It’s a year of celebrations. Apart from celebrating our nation’s 50th year of independence, Cathay Organisation welcomes its 80th anniversary with a commemorative feature film: Our Sister Mambo, opening in theatres 15 July 2015.

Starring a string of local favourites such as Michelle Chong and Moses Lim, stage thespians Audrey Luo, Ethal Yap, Oon Shu An and Joey Leong; the film also comprises of Siti Khalijah, Rani Singam, Nelson Chia, Muhammad Mahfuz Mazlan and Jonathan Leong. Celebrity blogger Xiaxue and Chef Willin Low make a guest appearance as well! 

Ms Choo Meileen, Managing Director of Cathay Organisation and producer of Our Sister Mambo shared at the press conference that the film was conceptualised two years ago when she wanted to do something special for Cathay’s anniversary. 

“I thought as to what would make an impression (Cathay’s anniversary) even after I’m gone. This film holds a very special meaning for Cathay as there are many little significance of the film with Cathay.”

For starters, this romantic comedy is a modern tribute to and reinvention of iconic Cathay classic films such as ‘Our Sister Hedy’ in 1957 and The Greatest Civil War on Earth which was released in 1961. Additionally, don’t miss the surprise cameo roles by two veteran Cathay actors! 

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Written by local playwright Michael Chiang whose previous works include Army Daze, Beauty World and High Class, Our Sister Mambo is a light-hearted comedy, taking on the themes of family, love and cross-cultural neighbourly ties.

Choo mentioned that she wanted to work with Chiang when she watched Army Daze. “I like the way Michael writes and I think we are kind of in-sync with each other. He will be the right person to do it (Our Sister Mambo), plus he knows the Cathay classic films very well.” 

“We both knew exactly what we were talking about. It’s basically a Cathay-centric film,” Choo added. 

Well known actress-turned-director Michelle Chong stars as the titular character Mambo, the second daughter of the Wong family who quits her job as a lawyer to pursue her dreams as a chef. Her appearance in this film marks her second time on the big screen having directed by someone else other than herself. 

“Maybe because of my experience as a director, I am very aware of what my role is when I am an actor, which is to act and realise the director’s vision of what the character is supposed to be,” said Chong. 


In fact, having to only focus on acting became ‘a luxury’ for the multifaceted actress. “I didn’t have to think about shots, worry about the budget; do not have to think about props and angles; do not have to think about production problems. So it was really quite stress-free in that sense.”

“So I think it brought me back to the early days as an actor and then after that you can just go home - you don’t have to think about editing or anything.”

Singaporeans will be excited to look forward to our favourite “Tan Ah Teck”, Moses Lim back on the silver screen. The comedian who last movie appearance was 2007’s Just Follow Law, will be making his big-screen comeback as the patriarch of the Wong family. 

“I was quite surprised when they looked for me to play this role as Mr Wong. The experience was very enjoyable and I am honoured to be a part of Our Sister Mambo, celebrating Cathay’s 80th anniversary when I’m 66 years old,” said Lim.

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Our Sister Mambo opens InCinemas 15 July 2015!

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