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Attack on Titan Movie Marathon!

By InCinemas  /  09 Sep 2015 (Wednesday)


The battle begins. Get ready for 'Attack On Titan' movie marathon! Relive the exciting moments from 'Attack On Titan', and be among the first few in Singapore to catch the highly-anticipated sequel, 'Attack On Titan 2: End of The World'.

Attack on Titan has became the top grossing Japanese blockbuster in recent years, grossing S$818,493.94 in it's 4th week. It's a remarkable success, considering that the film only screened at 15 locations island-wide. It's dual release rating (NC16 and M18)—the first-ever film to be released locally with two ratings simultaneously—also plays a big part in the film’s strong box office performance.

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Attack on Titan Movie Marathon

Date: 18 Sep/19 Sep (Fri/Sat)

  • GV Plaza: 10pm
  • GV Tampines: 2pm
  • GV Yishun: 7pm
  • GV Katong: 9pm

Ticket Pricing: 

  • $22 (Members)
  • $25 (Public)

(More information, and booking of tickets at Golden Village's website, here!)

[About Attack on Titan 2: End of The World]
The gripping storyline picks up from the first film that ends with our heroes’ failed mission to repair the hole in the wall, which was created by a colossal Titan, and with the revelation that lead human warrior Eren can transform into a powerful Titan who still retains his intellect. Having transformed into a Titan in front of everyone, Eren now faces suspicion and fear from all. He is held captive and tortured by his own kind, who demands to know the truth behind his ability. On the verge of receiving a bullet to his chest, Eren is saved by yet another powerful Titan—one who also shows intellect. Eren later reunites with his friends, and they fight to plug the hole in the wall, but are obstructed by an array of forces. Numerous gut-wrenching deaths and injuries follow, as Eren and his friends fight for honour, freedom, peace, and to reclaim what is rightfully theirs. In this sequel, the mystery surrounding mankind and the Titans as well as Eren’s past will be unveiled. Now, the final battle begins as our heroes give their all to restore peace to their dystopic homeland. 

(Stand to WIN premiere tickets to 'Attack On Titan 2: End of The World!)

Directed by Shinji Higuchi and stars Miura Haruma, Hasegawa Hiroki, Mizuhara Kiko, Hongo Kanata and Miura Takahiro, Attack on Titan 2: End of The World opens InCinemas 24 September 2015!

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