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'Distance’, Executive Produced by Anthony Chen, to Open for Golden Horse Film Festival 2015!

By InCinemas  /  18 Sep 2015 (Friday)

Golden Horse award-winning director Anthony Chen, who won various prestigious awards with his feature film Ilo Ilo, is set to premiere his next major project at the Golden Horse Film Festival in November.


'Distance' <再見,在也不見> is helmed by three different directors, and will act as the opening film for the festival.

The film stars Taiwanese actor Chen Bolin, said to be his career-defining role where he plays three different characters in the film. Distance was shot across Singapore, Taiwan, Mainland China and Thailand by three international directors: Xin Yukun (China), Tan Shijie (Singapore) and Sivaroj Kongsakul (Thailand).


Their previous works include Xin’s debut feature film ‘The Coffin In The Mountain’ which screened at the Venice Critics Week and received two Golden Horse Awards Nominations last year. Kongsakul debut feature film won the Tiger award at the International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2010, while Tan’s short film Not Working Today won the Best Singapore Short at the 25th Singapore International Festival. Tan’s previous short film Far Two competed at the 66th Venice Film Festival, and is working on this first feature film.

The film also features performances by a strong supporting cast including Hong Kong veteran actor Paul Chun, famed Chinese actress Jiang Wenli, and Taiwanese heartthrob Yo Yang. 


Here's a look at the teaser trailer:


A conflicted manager on a business trip is intrigued by an elderly worker and investigates his life. 

A young father receives a letter that brings him to a foreign land, where old emotions come unburied. 

A visiting professor from overseas sets a student’s heart fluttering, while having to deal with his own. 

Different characters, different relationships, the same humanity; stories about the distances between us and how we live with them.




There is no news of release date in Singapore yet, but stay tuned to InCinemas for more updates on 'Distance'!

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