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7 Really Cool Spy Gadgets from James Bond Films!

By Flora  /  07 Nov 2015 (Saturday)

It has been more than 50 years since the first James Bond (Dr. No, 1962) movie was introduced to the big screens. As the legacy of its 007 adventure continues, we take a look at some of the greatest and coolest spy gadgets over the decades! 

Needless to say, some of these gadgets that were once thought impossible are now readily available in the market! 

With SPECTRE out in cinemas on the 5th of November, we wanted to take a look at 7 (007, geddit?) of our favourite gizmos featured in the James Bond series! 

  • Trick Briefcase - [From Russia With Love (1963)

The briefcase looks like an ordinary, smart-looking document holder, but it in, the case contains 20 rounds of ammunition, a gun neatly hidden inside, together with a knife-shooter that fires out sideways. 

May we remind you that we’re talking about the 60s here... It's rather amazing to see all these come to life.
  • Robot Dog, 'Snooper' - [A View to a Kill (1985)]

This unusual device is called ‘Snooper’, a remote-controlled robot dog where its eyes are installed with video cameras and microphones to survey locations that are inaccessible to human beings. And of course, to spy on your enemies or lovers. 

There are a few variations of Snooper in the market today. A few hundred bucks and you’re able to get this in your house. Just use it for the right reasons.

  • False Fingerprints - [Diamonds are Forever (1971)]

Back in the days, this was a must-have in your spy gadget list. With undercover duties and lives at stake, you can’t afford to alert the enemies of your arrival. To pass through heavily-guarded and security points, having a stick-on latex fingerprints was pretty much a big deal for an agent like Bond to own. 

These small, latex fingerprints stickers could be moulded to match anyone’s fingerprints! That is why we have retina-recognition, facial recognition systems and voice scanners today. 

  • Carlos Keyring Bomb - [Casino Royale (2006)]

To a regular passerby, this may look like an ordinary fancy keyring, but inside hides a bomb, ready to explode. In Casino Royale, Carlos takes the keyring bomb through security at Miami International Airport and attached it to the underside of a petrol truck. 

This keyring bomb looks cool, insanely geeky, but never safe. Though it can be activated through a phone app or voice recognition, what happens if one goes grocery shopping and accidentally speaks the lucky code word? Maybe.. ‘Abracadabra, or Open Sesame’? 

(Watch all the 'Spectre' trailers!)
  • Dream Machine - [Die Another Day (2002)]

Not as in the ideal kind of dream machine, but this featured dream machine in the 20th James Bond series is quite an useful invention! This goes out to all the zombie-ians who suffer from chronic insomnia. As we’ve seen in the film, Gustav Graves uses the machine to keep him sane as he may develop hallucinations due to the severe lack of sleep.

  • Underwater Breather - [Die Another Day (2002)]

This small compact device allows you to breathe underwater for a long period of time. Think of it as a normal oxygen tank that divers use, but a million times smaller. Originally seen in ‘Thunderball’ (1965), the revised version of the breather appeared in 2002’s Die Another Day where Bond uses it to infiltrate Gustav Graves' diamond compound through a icy water. 

  • Car invisibility Cloak - [Die Another Day (2002)]

Before Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak came about, Mr. Pierce Brosnan wowed us with the scene of his invisible Aston Martin in ‘Die Another Day’. The invisible Aston used tiny cameras and screens to essentially "reflect" what the other side was seeing. Looking at the broadside of this automobile, it would appear as if you were looking through it. 

No more parking coupons, parking summons and ERPs! 

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