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It’s Time to KUA-HEE with the New InCinemas.sg!

By Flora  /  18 Nov 2015 (Wednesday)

After years of planning; months of development; weeks of excessive data coding; days of beta testing and endless nights of banging our heads on the keyboard, we are very excited to launch an all-new version of InCinemas.sg - delivering an enhanced experience to you! 

We know Singaporeans love to Kua Hee (watch movies in Hokkien) and are Kaypo (busybody) on the latest movie and entertainment news. Our homepage shows you exactly just that - featuring a breakdown of the various features at a glance; movie and entertainment updates, latest trailers, box office rankings, gallery, contests, event listings and the latest movie screenings in cinemas! 

Enhanced Showtimes Features

InCinemas revamped with the main focus on bringing the best showtime-search experience to you, because as avid moviegoers ourselves, we are always on the hunt for the most efficient and effortless method to secure our movie tickets! 

You can now search movies based on film titles; cinemas; date; time belts; screening formats and even ticket type! We’re taking a huge, bold bet by compiling nearly all the film screenings in Singapore, saving your hours of cross-checking, just so you can purchase your Willy Wonka’s golden ticket(s)

We dare say it’s the best you can get in Singapore (and JB, and some say Batam)! 

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FREE de. 

It doesn’t take you more than 3 minutes to join the Rebel Alliance of geeks and film buffs. With this designation, you are now part of a group of exclusive legion and will receive bi-weekly E-newsletters, the superpower to ‘favourite’ your movies, be in the draw as we pick our tributes for giveaways and contests, and be able choose your preferred cinemas and movie titles so that we are able to prioritise your search, based on your selected preferences.

Don’t say we bo-jio

The InC Team 

You may have seen our works, but not sure who are the Kiang (Smartypants) and Gey-Kiang (too smart for their own good) members behind this site? Find out a little more about us and our group of movie avengers that bring you their review of films, screening in theatres! Interested to fill in the missing ‘Black Widow’ or ‘Hulk’ to the team? Be sure to write to us and we will confer you a superhero moniker when you’re listed in our wall of fame. 

We promise we won’t judge if you said your favourite movie of all-time is the 2014 Transformers sequel that became an unexpected hit. 

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Sharing is caring, improve your karma by sharing the awesome news, features and interviews of your favourite movies and idols! 

Let’s Go KUA-HEE!

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