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Korean Actor Ji Chang Wook Rates Himself a ‘7.5’ for Attractiveness?

By Flora  /  07 Dec 2015 (Monday)
With that infectious smile and cheerful personality, it’s hard to accept that Korean actor Ji Chang Wook gives himself a humble 7.5 out of 10 when asked to rate his attractiveness. 

Ji is the brand ambassador of Shokubutsu, and was in two last weekend to promote the brand, meet his fans in Singapore, and share with the media on his latest acting projects. 

“It’s a tricky question… I can’t rate myself too high but at the same time, it should not be too low as well,” said Ji. 

“Maybe a 7.5?”

He may be a perfect 10 to many, but when it comes to looking for a girlfriend, it isn’t all about the looks. 

“In terms of appearance, I don’t think there is a specific trait that I’m looking out in a woman. It’s more of the vibe I get when I am with her. Also, it’s really about having a good conversation with that person… I don’t want to be disconnected with her,” the 18-year-old actor explained. 

He added: “To pamper her, I might say affectionate words like ‘I love you’ or be very considerate and caring towards her.”
When it comes to ideal roles, Ji can’t decide on a specific role he would like to try in the future. “The most important thing is when I read the synopsis, it will be an interesting one and will give the characters an interesting stories. To be honest, there are so many roles that I’ve yet to play as an actor and there are a lot of possibilities of what I will be doing next. I’m open to all options and will be happy to try if it’s possible.”

If there would to be a ‘Ji Chang Wook’ body foam (which we think it’s a viable idea), his ideal scent would be something ‘mild’. “Personally, I don’t like anything to be too extreme or strong. Be it the scent or anything. I like things to be natural.”

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