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Cast of ‘Let’s Eat!’ Coming to Singapore on the 1st of February 2016!

By Flora  /  09 Jan 2016 (Saturday)

The Chinese New Year movie, ‘Let’s Eat!’ is Chapman To’s directorial debut feature, which stars an ensemble of regional artistes including Aimee Chan 陳茵媺, Hong Kong hip-hop duo FAMA農夫 member C-Kwan 鄭詩君, veteran award-winning artist Lo Hoi Pang 盧海鵬, Malaysia’s Tommy Kuan 關棟銘, Daphne Low 劉倩妏 and Singapore’s well-loved comedian Patricia Mok 莫小玲.

There are no word as to which cast members will be heading to Singapore, so watch this space for more updates!

Other star-studded cameos include Hong Kong’s singer-actress Fiona Sit薛凱琪 & hip-hop duo FAMA農夫 member Luk Wing Kuen陸永, Malaysia’s model-actor Steve Yap葉良財, Henley Hii許亮宇, and Singapore’s Mark Lee李國煌, Jeremy Chan田銘耀  & Henry Thia 程旭輝!
LET’S EAT! 《開飯啦!》  depicts how the head chef Dai Hung (Chapman To) and owner’s daughter Rosemary (Aimee Chan) of AH YONG CAFÉ set aside their differences and embark on a quest to save the once reputable restaurant. The movie will showcase the many tantalizing aspects of Southeast Asian cuisines, do expect plenty of banter and sparks between the movie characters!
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