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Who Else May be Coming to Singapore for 'Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War' Premiere?

By Flora  /  22 Mar 2016 (Tuesday)

Source: Screenrant

After the news of Chris Evans, aka Captain America, is coming to Singapore for the star-studded premiere of Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, we decided to do some further digging ourselves to find out who else might probably walk the Singapore blue carpet as well.

From the various sources and rumours, here's what we gathered so far:
  1. Chris Evans is heading to Singapore
  2. He may be bringing along his fellow Avenger(s)
  3. The event is said to take place over 4 days (21 - 24 April 2016)
  4. The premiere will be held at Marina Bay Sands


Clue #1: Marvel Singapore released this image of Captain America’s shield, merged with the backdrop of Marina Bay Sands. 


Clue #2: But that’s not all, the caption has a hashtag of #TeamCap… ONLY! 

As we know that in Civil War, it’s Iron Man VS Captain America, leaving their fellow Avengers to side with either #TeamCap or #TeamIronMan. 

If Marvel Singapore only hashtagged #TeamCap, this probably mean that only Captain America’s comrades may be here with him. 

(L-R: Ant-Man, Hawkeye, Agent 13, Captain America, Falcon, Winter Soldier) 
Source: Screenrant

From the promo art (pictured above) that was released late last year, here are the possible candidates we might see in April: 
  • Falcon - Anthony Mackie 
  • Winter Soldier - Sebastian Stan
  • Ant-Man - Paul Rudd
  • Hawkeye - Jeremy Renner 
  • Agent 13 - Emily Van Camp
  • Possibility: Scarlet Witch - Elizabeth Olsen 

Which Avenger(s) from #TeamCap do you hope to see come to Singapore? Falcon? Ant-Man? Agent 13?  
Tell us in the comments section! 

Marvel's Captain America: Civil War opens InCinemas 28 April 2016!
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