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Indulge in French Classics at Voilah! French Festival Singapore 2016.

By Flora  /  16 Apr 2016 (Saturday)

From cult classics to award-winning films, don’t miss the 16 selected films  at the ‘Gaumont Film Retrospective’, presented as part of the Voilah! French Festival. 

Catch the many emblematic masterpieces of Gaumont, one of the most well-established studios in the industry. Celebrating its 120 years in film production and distribution, festival-goers will not only be able to enjoy a range of films produced by this renowned French studio, there will be an exhibition showcasing Gaumont’s history and French cinema through posters, film excerpts and exclusive screenings. 

Gaumont: 120 Years of Cinema (Exhibition)
Date: 15 Apr - 15 May 2015
Time: 9am - 9pm
Venue: National Design Centre
Ticket Pricing: FREE admission


News Flash: Did you know, before television became human's favourite pastime, people got to learn about the happenings around the world through news clips that were screened before movies in the theatres. This exhibition includes a 10-minute compilation of Singapore's news in the 1920s.

Get to enjoy an array of film selections through the hour-long screening, featuring excerpts from the 100s of films from Gaumont!

Neatly arranged in a timeline from the conception of Gaumont till today, enjoy the extensive range of film posters, placed together with significant events that happened in Singapore. 

Gaumont Retrospective (Film Screenings)
Date: 16 April - 21 May 
Venues:  Ticket Pricing: Free - $13

Films include Federico Fellini’s classic 8 1/2, Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element, Michael Hazanavicius ‘OSS117 Lost In Rio’, and Jacques Bernard’s ‘The Big Restaurant’, amongst others. 

Voilah! French Festival Singapore is a seven-week celebration of the best of French culture, creativity and innovation, with over 40 bespoke programmes, ranging from visual and performing arts, gastronomy experiences, cinema retrospective and science. Stay tuned to InCinemas for more updates of Voilah! French Festival Singapore 2016! 

Voilah! French Festival Singapore runs from 15 Apr - 31 May 2016!

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