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New Series and Returning Favourites on HISTORY.

By Freddy  /  23 Aug 2016 (Tuesday)
Three exciting new shows will grace your screens on History Channel: a brand new series Celebrity Car Wars, the third season of Photo Face-Off, and the ninth season of Ancient Aliens.

Let’s find out more about what you can expect to see.

Celebrity Car Wars

Photo Credit: HISTORY

This new reality automotive competition series pits six Southeast Asian celebrities, including Singapore’s Allan Wu, against one another. They will face each other in two different driving challenges each episode to get the highest points, while being coached by professional racecar drivers. Bobby Tonelli will host the show and review supercars on the show as well.

Bobby teases an exciting ride ahead. He promises that it is a show that everyone will enjoy regardless of their interest in cars. “We like to watch people unravel and drama. We like to see successful people go through things.” The celebrities are competitive and have their egos. He called it “Celebrity Ego Wars.” It is not just a competition with one another to gain points, though. Bobby pointed out that it is about the celebrities overcoming their fears.

All six contestants would improve tremendously throughout the eight episodes. “When you see the final episode, you won’t believe it,” said Bobby. He also believes that female viewers will enjoy the show very much. The show features not only female contestants but also professional female drivers as coaches. “It doesn’t matter if you are male or female. If you can drive, you can drive.” Bobby emphasised that there is no other show like this on TV. Do you believe him?

This high-adrenaline series, Celebrity Car Wars will air every Monday at 10pm from 29 August.

Photo Face-off

Photo Credit: HISTORY

The first and largest photography reality competition series in Asia is back for a third season. Professional photographer, Justin Mott, returns as a resident judge with 13 aspiring photographers from all over Southeast Asia, including three Singapore contestants, Chelsea, Tristan, and Aron. They will go through 15 photo challenges while touring Southeast Asia from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok to Yogyakarta, before the Grand Finale in Da Nang, Vietnam.

Justin introduced the fresh new format this season, which he thinks is both good and bad for him. “I love to compete. I compete less, but I get to critique,” he said. “I love critiquing photographs. I love to pick them apart.” Justin especially commends our local contestants. “Singapore has been giving me the biggest trouble. The talent is at the highest.”

“We definitely had fun making friends, making fun of Justin,” shared Aron. Tristan admitted that he used to take photos straight on and this experience taught him to be more creative, while Chelsea has an interesting perspective. “I want to break stereotypes. Photography is a male-dominated industry. I want to show that we, females, can take really good pictures as well... other than taking selfies.”
Hosted by Kelly Latimer, the series will air every Thursday, 9pm from 8 September


Ancient Aliens

Photo Credit: HISTORY

This thought-provoking series, Ancient Aliens is back for its 9th season, taking viewers on a journey into the past and explores the evidence of Ancient Astronaut Theory, a possibility that we have been visited by extraterrestrials thousands of years ago. The show’s eight season was the second most watched show in Singapore last year, proving its growing popularity.

The leading contributor and Co-Executive Producer of Ancient Aliens, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, believes that the show has a universal appeal. “We ask who we are, where do we come from. We answer those questions.” What does he have to say to skeptics who do not believe the Ancient Astronaut Theory? “Absolutely nothing,” he answered. “You have to ask the questions. You have to be ready for answers.” Giorgio shared that he had been trying to convince people since he was a teenager, but some of them simply refuse to believe it even when faced with evidence. Some people told him that such extraordinary theory needs to be proved by extraordinary evidence. 
Ancient Aliens airs every Wednesday, 10pm.
To commemorate Giorgio’s first-ever public appearance in Asia, a week-long special called “A Close Encounter with Giorgio” will air Monday to Friday, 22 to 26 August, 7pm to 9pm.

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