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8 Local YouTubers to Collaborate with mm2 Entertainment to Enhance Digital Content!

By Flora  /  08 Oct 2016 (Saturday)

Singapore film production company, mm2 Entertainment announced a unique collaboration with eight local Digital Content Producers (DCPs) to come up with a slate of original online content, including mini-movies and web series.

These eight DCPs consists of: Butterworks, CheokboardStudios, Dr JiaJia, Evalee Lin, Ghost Files Singapore, Juo Productions, Ridhwan Azman and Urban Extreme Monkeys. Each with an individual and diverse portfolio that ranges from action-comedy to heartwarming narratives, the eight DCPs will release the commissioned projects on their own channels and other digital platforms which will be announced at a later date. 

Besides collaborating with these groups in their DCP capacities, mm2 Entertainment will also offer talent development opportunities such as directing and acting in the upcoming slate of movies, hosting or singing at events. 

Speaking to InCinemas at the media conference, Jonathan Cheok, the man behind YouTube channel CheokboardStudios who creates mainly comedies and parodies, shared that the collaboration will allow him to create better content for his channel. 

“I’m at this stage where people are comparing my recent works with my past videos, but they have to know that coming up with different content is hard for us as well, and we struggle to think of something funny every week. I think I am doing well at it, but I have been stereotyped as the ‘funny guy’, which is something I want to break away from,” revealed Cheok, who will also be starring in mm2 Entertainment’s upcoming romantic anthology - ‘4Love’.

Cheok added: “Working with mm2 will help me in generating more content ideas. It’s a lot of bouncing back and forth. We have plans to do a couple of web series: one comedy with Benjamin Heng; and I am also trying to do an action superhero series as well.”

A self-proclaimed ‘very sensitive and emo kind of guy’, Cheok uses his humorous videos as a form of release to ‘just take the sadness away’. “Life is not all happy right, so I channel all the dark times to use it and just let go in a form of comedy. If people watched and laughed, that’s makes me really happy because I enjoy making people laugh.” 

At the other end of the spectrum is a group of eight young adults who often come together to brainstorm storylines that are though-provoking and emotional. They call themselves the ‘Butterworks’, hoping to make the world a ‘Butter’ place.

Director Chong Yu Lin cites ‘listening to stories shared from family and friends’ helped in creating these dramatic storylines for their short films that have garnered over 5 million views. Their biggest hit ‘Childhood with Daddy’ has received over 655,843 views on YouTube.

“We are young and we don’t have a lot of life experiences. But sometimes it’s not about replicating these stories we read or heard from friends, but capturing the emotions from it,” he said.

24-year-old Rachel Toh, producer of Butterworks, shared: “In terms of collaborating with mm2 Entertainment, we are going to a 6 episode romantic-comedy web series together.”

“You can expect better dynamics from the cast,” Chong added. 

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