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Brace Yourself for 2 Horror Movies Marathons this Halloween!

By Flora  /  07 Oct 2016 (Friday)

Amplify your fears with Golden Village’s annual Horrorthon, featuring two horror film marathons - a four-day screening of the creepiest movies from Sweden, South Korea, and Taiwan.

With the themes Children of the Dead, films about creepy kids from different parts of the world; and Zombie On Board, about zombies invading Korea, this year’s  Horrorthon is the most hair-raising yet.

Children Of The Dead 
Films:  The Tag-Along & Sensoria 
Date: 28 Oct/30 Oct
Time: 7.30pm/4pm
Ticket Pricing: 
  • $25
  • $28

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The Tag-Along
A grandmother vanishes suddenly, then returns to her family displaying baffling behaviour. Could her behaviour be due to a little phantom girl who follows climbers wherever they go? Inspired by the Taiwanese legendary poltergeist called ‘mosien’, The Tag-Along is the highest grossing Taiwanese horror film in a decade.

A woman has lost everything in the world and rebuilds her life by moving into an old flat. But she soon realises that she is not the only resident inside the apartment.Who could it be?

Zombie On Board
Films: Seoul Station & Train to Busan
Date: 29 Oct/31 Oct
Time: 9pm/7pm
Ticket Pricing: 
  • $25
  • $28

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Seoul Station
The prequel to ‘Train To Busan’, this animated movie is the story of a father in search of his runaway daughter. Their reunion is jeopardised however when zombies take over the city.
Train To Busan
An official entry into the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, this hit zombie apocalypse movie is a story of a man and his daughter trapped in a train infested with zombies. Will they make it alive? A story of love and survival, ‘Train to Busan’ is one of the most talked about films of the year.


So grab a friend and head off for a ride of scary treats —but we warn you, these movies are so scary that you’ll think twice about turning the lights off before you sleep!
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