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Asian Animations You Must Watch

By Chen Shun  /  02 Mar 2020 (Monday)

While growing up, I am sure everyone watched cartoon or animation at some point in their life. As we grow older, most of us start to drift away from watching cartoon/animation as we start to it childish or immature. Let us show you some films that can be watched at any age.

White Snake 白蛇:缘起
Country of Origin: China

If you liked Legend of White Snake, this film will be your cup of tea. Produced by Light Chaser Animation and Warner Bros, White Snake was a box office success, earning over a total of 450 million RMB which is equivalent to 90 million SGD. 

The film is a prequel to the “Legend of the White Snake” and it introduces a new character, A Xuan. A Xuan is said to be the previous reincarnation of the White Snake’s lover Xu Xian from the original novel. In the new film, A Xuan follows the amnesiac White Snake who is looking for clues to prove that she is human and along the way, they develop feeling for each other.

Ne Zha
Country of Origin: China

As the top-grossing Chinese animated film of all time, this is one show no one should miss.

Ne Zha, born with the fate of being killed by a powerful lighting strike in three years’ time but was concealed of this fact. Before the start of Ne Zha’s third birthday party, he knows of the truth by a third party and out of anger he nearly kills his father. Feeling betrayed, he leaves to await his fate. Will Ne Zha be able to live through the tribulation?

Seoul Station 
Country of Origin: Korea

Remember Train to Busan? It was a fan favourite movie in 2016 but many of you do not know one fact. There was actually an animated prequel called Seoul Station!

Seoul Station has a similar plot to Train to Busan. An infection breaks out in Seoul and anyone that was injured or bitten by someone that was infected will become undead as well. 

The King of Pigs
Country of Origin: Korea

The King of Pigs can be counted a serious hidden gem. Even if it is quite an obscure film, it actually won three awards at the 2011 Busan International Film Festival and it was even screened at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival.

The King of Pigs tells a story of two friends that met after a long time while hiding each other's dire situation. As they start to reminisce about their middle school days, they remembered lotsof bad memory that was related to bullying until a person called Kim Chul appeared to defend them. In the present day, they went back to their middle school only to find out a shocking truth about what happened to Kim Chul 15 years ago.

5 Centimetres Per Second
Country of Origin: Japan

To be honest, I didn’t want to recommend this film as I want to keep it as my little secret. But I feel like I am letting down the directors if I don’t tell the world about this film.

5 Centimetres Per Second is basically about growing up, love and separation. This will hit close to home with the older audience as you will know the feeling of losing contact with close friends or family as you grow older as everyone have their own priorities. The feeling of loss and emptiness that I felt in the movie is something I hope I will never experience in real life.

Spirited Away
Country of Origin: Japan

Last but DEFINITELY not least we have the king of animated films, Spirited Away. Like come on, how can we have an article about Asian animated films but not include something from the world renown Studio Ghibli.

Spirited Away is about a girl Chihiro Ogino who was dragged to explore an abandoned amusement park. Things go haywire when she realises that they couldn’t leave the place and her parents have turned into pigs. Forced to work at a bathhouse in a fantasy world, will Chihiro manage to save her parents and return to their original life?

What other films do you think should be recommended to the public? Let us know in the comments below?
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