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Ron Howard and Tom Hanks on Returning to the Dan Brown Franchise.

By Flora  /  12 Oct 2016 (Wednesday)

The third Dan Brow film thriller, Inferno, after The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons brings back Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) in his craziest adventure yet. Joined by Felicity Jones, Omar Sy, Ben Foster and Irrfan Khan, the mystery film is set to open InCinemas 13 October 2016.

Ron Howard returns to direct the franchise, which sees the return of the Ron Howard-Tom Hanks collaboration. Both Howard and Hanks, together with Irrfan Khan were in Singapore earlier this June to promote the movie as part of Sony Pictures Summit. 

“Well, I felt very excited about this opportunity,” said Howard at he press conference. 

He added: “Creatively as a director because it combines two things:  an idea that an audience can connect with in a very modern contemporary way - a thriller that is driven by something that we all think about - So it’s a controversial idea that doesn’t deal with the past. And the other thing is, it’s a great role for my friend here, Tom Hanks.  And it’s great to see him back on the clue path but it’s also fantastic to see the kind of dramatic opportunities and the acting opportunities that this particular thriller gives him.”

“First of all the Dan Brown stories combine these sort of button-pushing ideas that offer the audience two things, you know, there’s the tempo, there’s the pace, there’s the clue path, there's the looking back and this feeling that you’re going to have something to talk about when the movie’s over,” he continued. 

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Known to be the ‘nicest guy in Hollywood’, Hanks, who have played Professor Langdon for all three films shared: “I’m not contractually obligated to make any Dan Brown/ Robert Langdon things.  But every time we’ve done it, it’s been the same exact team of people.

“We still get together and weigh whether or not the story is worth it, whether or not there's going to be anything there that is asking a better question than the first one.  So there really is no repetition… So I think we’re all very, very fortunate that these movies are self-contained and we don’t make them until they become something better than what’s down on paper,” he explained.

In Dan Brown’s stories, he talked about the nine levels of hell, inspired by Dante’s vision of the different levels of punishments of Hell. When asked about their thoughts on which level of Hell that was the scariest for them, the three men discussed their thoughts. 

“You don’t want that ninth one,” shared the director. “I mean, I don’t think you want any of them.  The first level is, you know, kind of understandable.  We’ve all committed those sins and it’s uncomfortable, but you want to work your way through there as quickly as possible, or try to get out because you certainly don’t want nine.”

“I would take the head turns backward on your body thing,” Hanks joked. “What you got to do, really? You’ve got to sleep on your stomach? You know, I don’t see that as a big punishment for whatever sin it was. What is it? Usury or something like that? Your head’s on backwards. Big deal," he quipped.

Asked if there are future opportunities for films to be made in Southeast Asia, Howard expressed his interest in finding ‘stories to tell’ in the future. “Dan Brown creates these Robert Langdon mysteries, so he takes the lead in that regard and we don’t really influence that. But there's no question that there are fantastic stories to be told here and the international film community understands that and I join that community in wishing to find a story to make here someday.” 

Let’s hope for our little red dot to be featured in bigger Hollywood productions in the future! 
Inferno opens InCinemas 13 Oct 2016!

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