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Of Anime Merchandise, Assassination Classroom and PPAP

By Yian Lu  /  28 Nov 2016 (Monday)
Anime Festival Asia, the region’s largest and most followed Japanese Popular Culture and Anime Festival was held over the weekend from 25 to 27 November 2016 at Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre. It was an overwhelming response at this 3-day event, with crowds streaming in early in the morning, fans flooding the mini stage and excitement filling up the exhibition hall of the main stage.

With anime, there’s of course cosplay.

Really awesome creators’ art!

How much did you spend buying merchandise?
While it’s great to buy goods of your 
favourite anime, do be careful there are also pirated goods around… 

In addition to the exhibition, various stage events are scheduled each day. We managed to catch the featured anime showcase: Assassination Classroom! (This anime also has two live-action movies shown recently in local theatres.)

Nobuhiko Okamoto, voice actor of Karma Akabane, is the special guest for this showcase!

The showcase started off with a little introduction from Nobuhiko Okamoto, who played the role of the red-haired, witty Karma Akabane. This was Okamoto’s fifth time in Singapore and he commented that he loves Singapore so much he wants to live in Singapore! Not only does he come to Singapore for work, he would visit Singapore during his private time as well.

The 30-year-old recalled his emotional moments when dubbing for the ending of Assassination Classroom. It was a tear-jerking scene even for the audience, as the beloved homeroom teacher, Korosensei took the class attendance for the last time. When asked what similarities he identifies with Karma, Okamoto commented it is the intention to be cool, as he experienced chuunibyou (中二病) in high school.

While it is difficult to choose as he likes all the characters, Okamoto finds Sugino interesting, especially during the Valentine’s Day scene.
Source: YouTube

Okamoto also praised that Jun Fukuyama’s voice acting of Korosensei is a work of a master. To be able to express all emotions of Korosensei requires a master of skill. As this is not the first time the two have worked together, Okamoto joked that in Blue Exorcist, Fukuyama had the eyes of a killer, but he was like an angel when dubbing for Assassination Classroom.

Okamoto’s favourite female character during the dubbing session, Manami Okuda — also the character Karma approves.
Source: Assassination Classroom Wiki

Okamoto’s overall favourite female character, Kirara Hazama — for her growth throughout the series.
Source: Assassination Classroom Wiki

In Assassination Classroom, Karma underwent big changes as he learnt and grew through multiple failures. Having experienced all these ups and downs, Okamoto was directed to change the tone of his voice to express maturity in Karma. “It was very difficult,” commented Okamoto.

Towards the end of the showcase, Okamoto was tasked to live read three scenes from Assassination Classroom! -cues fans’ squeals and cheers-

The first scene: when Karma first met Korosensei and dealt him a blow that no one did before.
Source: YouTube

The second scene: when their classmates were kidnapped.
Source: YouTube

The last scene: the iconic fight with Nagisa.
Source: YouTube

Even though Assassination Classroom The Movie: 365 Days will not be showing in Singapore, Okamoto urged fans to catch it, such as in Taiwan or Hong Kong, which will be showing the movie. Okamoto ended the showcase with hopes of fans’ continuous support towards Assassination Classroom and of course, “I love Singapore!”

Other than stage events like featured anime showcases, one of the highlights of this year’s Anime Festival Asia Singapore is Pikotaro’s appearance!

It had been a blast over the weekend as Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2016 brought to town the best in Japanese popular culture and anime. What will it be like next year, as Anime Festival Asia welcomes its tenth year in Singapore?
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