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‘Deadpool’,’ Suicide Squad’ and ‘Train To Busan’ Ranked as Top 3 Movie Searches in SG!

By Flora  /  14 Dec 2016 (Wednesday)

Google’s top searches in 2016 revealed that Singaporeans had a year of non-stop action: from sporting events, Hallyu wave and even to Pokémon Go! 

World sporting event Euro 2016 ranked the top in the Google search rankings of 2016, followed by the augmented reality game Pokemon Go, which clinched the number one spot of Singapore’s top trending news in 2016 as well. 

While not many movies managed to squeeze into the top 10 trending searches, the R-rated anti-hero Deadpool movie came in 10th on the list, and first in the ‘movies’ category.

Coming in second is DC’s ‘Suicide Squad’, the first of the antihero ensemble had fans going crazy for the movie when the trailer of the film dropped during the Comic-Con earlier this year. With the mostly disappointed reviews surfacing online, there is little wonder why people are searching to see if Suicide Squad was actually worth a watch. 

Korean zombie epic ‘Train To Busan’ was undoubtedly an entertaining and thrilling ride for cinemagoers, which came in third; while kid-friendly Disney's Zootopia emerged fourth.

Trending Movies of 2016
1.    Deadpool
2.    Suicide Squad
3.    Train to Busan
4.    Zootopia
5.    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
6.    The Conjuring 2
7.    X-Men: Apocalypse
8.    Me Before You
9.    Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
10.  Now You See Me 2

Trending Searches of 2016
1.    Euro 2016
2.    Pokémon Go
3.    US Elections
4.    Joseph Schooling
5.    iPhone 7
6.    Descendants of the Sun
7.    Brexit
8.    Donald Trump
9.    Ezbuy
10.  Deadpool

(Check out the highlights video, here!)

The love for anything Korean is growing stronger in Singapore. Taking top spot for trending TV shows is Descendants of the Sun, the most popular Korean drama in Asia this year, with heartthrob Song Joong Ki’s onscreen role of Captain Yoo leaving fans swooning over the actor and his co-star Song Hye Kyo. The show also catapulted the leading actor into the 4th spot in the list of Singapore’s top trending people in 2016! With 6 out of 10 trending TV shows from Korea, and a growing interest in its people, food and music, it is safe to say that Singaporeans are soaking in the K-culture and relishing every moment of it!

On Youtube, the most-watched trailer was ‘Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War’ which has already garnered over 73 million views to date. 

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